A few things you might not know about ao

1: If you use a vitality build, you can see an orb in your character’s chest when you’re charging. Maybe this is their soul?

2: There’s a little rainbow in the skybox

3: The light shining from the Whitesummit alchemist’s hands makes a cool glowing eyes effect

4: You can easily kill the Jaw Pirates and Spire Bandits by t-jumping and shooting a magic blast at a gunpowder barrel

(a couple of examples)

5: You can get more gems/rock salts by destroying rocks with dual beams or skills such as Flying Slash.
Screenshot 2023-05-06 144938

6: You get a disguise (your uniform is temporarily disabled) if you do Edward Kenton’s 2nd quest while you’re in the navy.

7: Revon’s girlfriend was killed while we were escaping the Eternal Mines.

(or at least I think it’s her)

8: You can get rid of the Sailor Style swaying animation by switching your animation pack.
(no picture)


Cool facts about the soul detail, and the glowing eyes.

Would it not be their spirit?

What’s the difference?

not entirely sure if #1 is actually the soul since Savant gets the same charge vfx even with 0 vitality but could be

haha look at how small it is dweeb

listen I shit you not I know a dude who netlimited to get Warden when you could and the soul actually got bigger in the charge vfx

seems vitality tiers increase the size

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holy crap that’s actually an impressive feature

Yet another Warden W

I added more stuff here

i found this out when speedrunning

bros girlfriend took an L


please explain, as a collector i cannot overlook this
more gemzzzzz

There’s this bug that makes it so if you use dual beams, the game will think you broke the rock twice/three times, so you get more stuff from it.

dang, well i hope i dont get reported for abusing
buggggggggggggggggggs helppp

Quite a few know this trick, might just not have been patched, or maybe overlooked

oh is that why i sometimes got 2 instead of 1 rock salt

wait so…
greatsword:mountain wind = 3 hits = 3 rocks…
aw yea
(i did realise hitting rocks gave 3 salts, but i thought sometimes rocks just gave extra salts)

aww hell im having lots of fun with this, 5 gems in 20 minutes