A god is dead

eternally absent



the old gods are dead.

Turn your praise to the glory of the new gods.

I am the only true god and I am alive.

Rake’s been horny, Pedro. If you were in Robo’s server you would know. This is just him spreading it around until it finally vanishes, like it did for Nekosaikou.


Is that 2 ifunny watermarks?

uwu pedro-kun i love the way you make your posts~

well at least its not fragile

It was stolen twice apparently

What is a “bussy”

I stole it pal, its okay

You really wanna know and couldn’t figure it out?
It means “boy-pussy”. A term associated with femboys. Probably got started with that one femboy joke that got VA’d a while back. You probably know the one.

Oh ok thanks i’m a bit slow

:door: :walking_man:

What happened to Pedro? I haven’t seen Pedro online in a while.