A journey through the dark. (part 2)

Since my last post got notice I think part 2 is in order (part 1 is called “the origin of the dark” sea go look for it if you haven’t read it)

The island was then taking over by the mist and their treasures floated out into the dark sea. But a boat with 2 friends and one of their mothers survived and escaped the island. They were scared and couldn’t see in the mist. Jane, who was training to be a warrior, took the lead and told her best friend Jonathon and his mother not to worry.

Mother was not trained in fighting, but was a teacher for the children. She taught how to forge weapons and potions.

As they set sail trying to find a way out the dark mist. They stumbled upon a island. They didn’t have time to stock up on food when they were being attacked so Jane and Jonathon set off to find some food and other stuff to help while mother looked after the boat.

Jonathon found something shiny. It looked like a sword. He hasn’t learned how to use magic yet and took it without a thought. Then it started to glow. Jonathon felt weird and fainted. Jane found Jonathon and took him and the sword back at the boat. Mother asked “What’s the matter with him?”
Jane looked at Mother and said “I just found him out here holding his sword, but I found some food” Mother seemed concerned and looked at the sword.
“Do you know what this is Jane?”
“It is the sword the people cursed for the unlucky intruder who finds it.”
“What does this do?”
“It kills peo…” Mother stopped realizing what had happened. Mother quickly checks her son, but he was already dead.

She cried for hours on the boat while they where looking for a way out, but it was a silent cry to not draw attention from the monsters and illusions.

(tell me on any grammar mistakes and please tell me some ideas for part 3)