A little interesting story about my rival Tate

Here’s a story about my rival Tate the Glass Leg Warlock.

You see, rivals have random spells, and she happened to have an ultimate art leap. No biggie right? Its just an ultimate art leap, at least its not an ultimate art explosion. So, we we’re fighting on the coast of Wind Row, and I was not defeating her, Since she is lvl 260 ofc I would not defeat her this easy like before.

But not through killing me — she used ult art leap to get flung to the sea, causing her to be reset with FULL HEALTH. Once she is like red health, she goes “Ultimate Art: Glass Sunrise!” AND PROCEED TO LAUNCH HERSELF LIKE PATRIOT MISSILE INTERCEPTING A CIVILIAN AIRLINER! All I wanted is a chart, and she kept going like this for almost an hour.

Finally, I managed to kill this glass witch and gave me a rare chart for my troubles :sleeper:

using a leap as an emergency escape button isnt a bad choice actually…

Literally an ejection seat spell

When the Rivals become smart moment.