A magical concept I thought about

So, I was talking with my friend while roaming arround the dark sea in the search of powerfull and amoured scrolls, and I tough of a really cool concept.
Magic Enbuiment.
And you might be thinking, we aready have that, this is what conjurers have!
No, I mean, what if we could use magics comboing with other magics, I will explain.
Lets say in the second or third aweaken we could get a magic inbuiment that would aply the effects of said element on other, but not as op as like sunken sword always freezing/giving paralyze.
If you have Lightning and you inbue it with water, you would aply a effect called STEAMED or BURNED or smt, you guys choose the name idk this is not a suggestion, it would not aply the paralyze effect, becouse its not aplying both in the target, is aplying one at the other, the water cannot stand the high heat of the lightning and it would evaporate, creating a hot steam.
Another example would be aplying Snow/ice to water, would simply turn it in to ice, and does not aply the freeze effect upon contatct, but instead will add like frostbite, like making the guy take damage if he moves too much.
Or like, if you have Poison and Plasma, It would automatically make plasma gas.
Idk, just a concept, I think it would be cool if someone takes this and make a actual suggestion writting in proper way and adding some interactions

someone did bring this up once iirc, tho it was rejected casue imbuement is kinda hybirds’ thing

if pure builds can do that then theres little to no reason to go hybrids, or at least, it would make pure buildS too broken ( especially mage )

it would be cool tho