A Message To All Clans Embarking on an Arcane Odyssey

So uh, hi.
This is just a small message to all clans embarking on an Arcane Odyssey, for those whom want to start a clan, join a clan, etc.

All I want to say is to just please, don’t get too carried away. Infamy is cool and all, and there’s nothing wrong with striving to be the best and getting onto the leaderboards with your friends. However, I want to remind you guys that at the end of the day, no matter how immersive this world may be, this really is just a video game.
During World of Magic’s prime, guilds would constantly fight each other, getting into arguments, and overall just brewing toxicity within the community. It wasn’t really the greatest time to be in a guild, and most infamy grinders kind of just overall forgot to touch grass, look after their health and schoolwork, or even just have fun at all.

Since AO’s changing the infamy system to island capturing and all, I hope things will be better from here on. Let’s all have a good time, and enjoy ourselves as we play this experience. Just remember though, there’s not a problem with being competitive, just going beyond the limit is bad. Remember to take breaks, and prioritize life and the friends you’ve made along the way over everything else. After all, the point of games is to bring people together and have fun, and all you’ll really have from this years in the future are the memories you made on this journey.
No… this Arcane Odyssey.


Door stuck

i wonder if suncry is willing to listen lmao

Suncry I think this is for you :cold_face:


Is this a message to TSO?

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I’m just saying this to all clans in general. Suncry wasn’t the only toxic guild after all

I partake in extremely small amounts of harmless misconduct :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




go nuts everybody and start anarchy, make sure to treat any and every small problem seriously and let it spiral into a large mess. Life is short, spend it going on an odyssey… an arcane odyssey.

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I am (i didn’t follow the guy through 12 servers just to spawn kill him)

sandal on his way to immediately make a peace letter into a warning:


The true Odyssey were the friends we made along our way :nod: :+1:

The True Arcane Odyssey were the Arcane Odyssey we Arcane Odyssey along our Arcane Odyssey

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Now we see which clan turns this into an argument

a lil bit of toxicity never hurt nobody :pray:

Yes, the competition is fun :pray:
Good luck to you and what your goals are in AO, Crispy! I hope you guys make it high in the leaderboard and have a good time

shut it noob