A new trailer for Arcane Odyssey?

I made this trailer because I love WoM and just wanted to create something cool to watch and then I remembered that the game is going to turn into Arcane Odyssey soon and the actual trailer on the roblox page is still for WoM.

I don’t know if a new trailer is being worked on but anyway, here’s a demo of a WoM trailer that I made for fun. Maybe I’ll do an other trailer for AO, idk :O.

Anyway, enjoy !

(World of Magic | Fan Trailer (demo) - YouTube)

Tell me what you think about it, oh and I saw Hilmy’s fan trailer for the game which was very good !


probably a new ao trailer gonna happen because completely new features and such

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that’s what I expected tbh but I had fun doing this fan thing :smiley: (very fast reply btw, impressive)

I thought the first 16 seconds of people walking was a bit unnecessary, but the rest of the trailer was great.

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thx, yeah I wasn’t sure about this part either

At least people will know what to expect

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Anyway cool trailer, although it might be a bit better if you had more characters shown (totally understandable as a normal player, its more like if a tester or someone else wants to improve it)

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Nice trailer. too bad wom got canceled this might’ve been accepted

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This is way better than the current trailer, honestly.

Not only does it showcase something other than pre-release content, but it shows actual gameplay other than fighting a couple bandits and charging while camera panning too.

However, there is one tinyyyyy problem… I’m about 99% sure that trailers on roblox game pages can only be a max of 30 seconds long.


really epic
my favorite part was the lightning explosion transition into tyrant, that was so smooth

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Yeah I used 2 account but it’s sometimes difficult to show like big explosions with lvl 10 character xD

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Thx! It’s okay I wasn’t expecting this to be the “official trailer” it was just because I love the game.

Thanks ! I watched some trailers on youtube to see how it’s done. And it’s totally possible to make it shorter by cutting parts such as the two dudes running in the forest at the beginning or making some scenes faster. Anyway, glad you like it !

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