A not very short introduction to myself and my characters lol

I’ve been on this forum for almost a month now, but I haven’t really introduced myself, I’ve just kinda been a ghost lol

So, hi! I’m Crymria. I’ve been playing WOM since April 2020 when I was stuck in quarantine for the first time and didn’t want to do schoolwork, music theory and instrumental practice. I have two files, Aurelia Drake (my main good rep file, max level) and Mayumi Calding (my other file which is tyrant rep, also max level). I usually play on my other file when I’m mad at the magic council for fining me and feel like massacring them, but otherwise it’s my main the rest of the time cuz my other file sucks and doesn’t have good gear (the lack of motivation to grind hits me hard I’m just too lazy ⊙﹏⊙∥). My main file would basically be a legendary hero if ONLY I DIDN’T DECIDE TO BE DUMB AT THE SILENT TOWER THREE TIMES which I’m kinda sad about haha (all of them were accidents). I’m also sucky as heck at pvp which is why I’ll never be in a guild ಥ_ಥ.
I’m kinda hoping to eventually draw my characters, but I’m horrible at drawing digitally, so here’s a screenshot of them for now. (Sorry for the bad quality)
Below - Aurelia Drake

Below - Mayumi Calding

Here’s some headcanon/real info about my ocs/files:

Name - Aurelia Drake (12th generation in game)

Age - 19 (born Dec 29 idk what year)

Magic - Purple Lightning

Reputation - Saint

Appearance (headcanon) - short black hair with small half up pigtails and a white streak on a long wavy fringe, purple wizard robes (my own design not the ones in game I’ll draw it someday maybe), white bow and lilac lily in hair, a small white four point star marking on forehead, purple eyes with four-point star pupils, small angel wings (I could use the gilded wings in game but I personally think it looks really bad so… nope I’m going custom)

Personality - Stoic, quiet, shy, intuitive, logical, introverted

Strengths - book smart, trustworthy, reliable, dependable

Weaknesses - Cold personality, doesn’t like interacting with other people, workaholic

Backstory summary - Ever since Aurelia was born, her parents were rarely at home (no dead parents here she ain’t an anime protagonist) because of work, so her aunt usually takes care of her. Sometimes she goes on trips with her aunt for deliveries to Ironport, where she made a single friend named Mayumi (yes my ocs stories are connected but only through this). She’s a bit of a bookworm, and often sits on the front steps of her house in Bell Village or a bench at the the fountain in preference to talking to the village children. She discovered she could cast lightning magic when she was 7 when she had an encounter with a bandit who broke into her home when Bell Village was being attacked by a gang of bandits. After the incident she began training with a friend of her aunt’s who works for the magic council. At the age of 16 she started travelling a lot, helping people whenever she could. She first defeated the Minotaur at the age of 17, and ever since she keeps his axe as a minor trophy. Ever since she’s been wandering around Magius, striving to be the best person she can be.

Name - Mayumi Calding (18th generation in game)

Age - 20 (born June 13 - same thing as Aurelia idk what year)

Magic - Magma

Reputation - Tyrant

Appearance (headcanon) - Long dark red hair in a ponytail, facial scars, freckles, medium length red and black dress with a sash, black butterfly hair tie, pearl necklace, black rose in hair, fingerless fishnet gloves and fishnet socks, red and black heels, small gold crown, golden-yellow and red eyes (heterochromia) with white slit pupils

Personality - Two faced, playful, extroverted, manipulative, bipolar, mildly psychotic

Strengths - Positive, speaks out, ambitious, determined

Weaknesses - insane, acts too strongly when provoked, overreacts

Backstory summary - From a very young age, Mayumi slowly developed undetected bipolar disorder and a mild case of psychosis, although these conditions were never discovered since Ironport doesn’t have a doctor. At first, Mayumi was actually quite popular among the children living in Ironport, and was frequently complimented by adults that she looked very pretty with her bright golden yellow eyes and deep red hair. But as she grew older, her mental issues worsened and eventually people started staying away from her out of fear. Some people even thought she was possessed. She didn’t get much support from her family either. She had no other relatives in Ironport apart from her father, who even after many years, was still in grief from Mayumi’s mother’s death and often let out his grief in the form of anger towards Mayumi, leading to scars on Mayumi’s face, many which have become permanent.
Mayumi discovered she could cast magic at the age of 9, and had the ability to control and create magma. She trained alone in the outskirts of the East Peninsula, and eventually she had enough of training alone. She wanted to become even more powerful, and ended up leaving Ironport behind and going rogue, searching for bandits and dark wizards she could ally with.
Mayumi started appearing on the news, mainly for threatening towns, killing innocents and defeating well known heroes like the Exiled. Although she was captured twice, both times she managed to escape jail and continue to commit crimes once again. She now currently roams around the Bronze Grasslands, killing anyone who blocks her path to power and scheming her next plan.

i know this is a lotta info i just really enjoy developing really detailed characters ->-
( o=^•ェ•)o Feedback for my characters is appreciated! I feel like my backstories are kinda generic and aren’t very original lol
That’s it, thanks for taking your time to read this and see ya! (/@^0^@)/


Amazing detail to the backstories of your characters. I love it when people take the time to give their characters a true face.

I think it’s a bit too late for that since TGR would need to change their entire rp

Sadly true, but still in the end I appreciate the dedication. Besides if they did this well on these characters, I have no doubt that they will do just as well or better on the AO ones.

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My character’s name was Alan Grey(Shadow Magic) I think you were in summer hold or near that area

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i don’t mind doing this whole thing again

Creating Backstories for characters is fun :nod:


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