A Poll For The Future Of The 100K Galleon Question Series

A lot of people here seem to be enjoying partaking in my “100K Galleon Question” series and I noticed that a lot of people were unfortunate enough to not be there when the post was created. So I created this post to gather what people think I should do before creating the next part of the series.

  • Keep it as is, the element of surprise is good
  • Notify beforehand on when it would take place
  • Only give subtle hints on when it would take place
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First choice would mean that a lot of people would miss the session but in return, those who were online at the time would have a higher chance at winning because they have less competitors at the time it is posted.

Second choice would mean you’ll have more competitors at the time the question is posted considering there would probably be people waiting for me to go online and camp at the game discussion. More competitors would obviously mean lower chance of winning but at least you are equally given the chance to be there before the question is posted.

Third choice is a mix of the first and second choice, I would give a subtle hint at the previous part of the series on when the next one would take place and the hint would require some solving in return of having a higher chance of being immediately there at the time it is posted. Of course, those who weren’t able to solve with the given hint wouldn’t gain any change in their chances. Regarding this, if someone were to know the answer and share it in the previous part, then you’ll know that you’ll gain more disadvantage than advantage so this encourages everyone to be quiet about it or share it within their friends.

For those who don’t know the 100K Galleon Questions:

“100K Galleon Questions” was created to give me more reasons to play the game aside from aimlessly grinding to pass time. I’ve been grinding galleons ever since the underwater update which still had the 50K galleon cap and so, I was effectively wasting galleons even if I continue to grind them. Considering I don’t really want anything much from the game ( Such as rare items ) but I need to at least put them to good use, I decided on giving them away randomly to people in the same server as me, if you’re one of those people, congrats because you basically became the very early people who got giveaways from me.

The galleons I gave away at that point of time however weren’t as big as 100K considering people immediately reached the galleon cap compared to what it is now, which is why you’ll see me doing 100K galleon questions just a few days after the previous one. To get the 100K however, would mean answering the question correctly as specified in the title of the original posts but the catch is whoever first answers it.

End Note: Now I don’t know if this should be asked in the game discussion but the 100K galleon questions are related to the game itself so I asked it in this category. If it shouldn’t be here then someone could just correctly categorize it if it’s possible.

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Deadline of the poll will be the moment the previous winner gets their reward.

More cryptic more funny

me when

Last chance to vote in the poll since the winner is about to receive his/her reward. I won’t do this poll anymore in the future btw, but so far these are the results.


Alrighty, looks like it will be kept as it is.