A possible end to all I need help finding treasure chart posts



Someone please confirm if this works

I’ve used it on Frostmill Windrow and Forest and it’s super accurate I think only once it was slightly out of the box


It is fairly accurate but I would use it more as a guide than something you strictly follow in the case that it’s slightly off.


@ThatOneGuy arise

as someone who charts VERY often, its accurate. Not pin-point accurate but a good guide if you’re just starting out!

good to know since I always struggle with them :sob:

New update ravenna is now my mortal enemy and I could not find any of the treasure there using the chart or not lol

does that apply to ravenna too…?

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nod nod

whats the worst part of ravenna treasure charts

if there is any

Sometimes they’re listed as ‘sea level’ which can be confusing to some people, who assume it means beaches - but it does not
in this scenario, its the lowest point of the map!

Halfway on ravenna maps is usually at the base of the mountain !

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so “about halfway east southeast at sea level”

just means about anywhere

also yeah i know its not beaches, that’s usually like near the ocean or something

the east southeast is important -

Everything apart from ‘sea level’ is relevant to ravenna charts. cliff and decent height charts are easier to find !

i’ve looked everywhere in the general direction and found nothing

ao crashed on me when I had 50 sealed

i lost like 100 sealed yesterday due to the dark sea being marked improperly

when does the pain end

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sounds like you need to hand in your sealeds more often

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yep sure do

but getting a ship full of sealed chests is good screenshot material

and a “fun” challenge