A Question About Your Capabilities

So this is a question based off the known fact that people imagine things at different levels, some people can perfectly imagine a scene, others somewhat blurry, others more abstract and some people can’t even visually imagine anything.

But I’ve just had a thought similar to this, and that would be this:

without making any noise, such as humming, tapping, etc. Are you able to make yourself hear a song/tune? and if so, how accurate is it to the real thing? If people have different limits on how well they can visualize things in their head do people have the same range of being able to remember a song?

I can literally imagine entire worlds in my head and not suffer any strain.

It honestly helps to have a hyperactive imagination y’know :joy:

It’s responsible for a lot of the character designs I come up with (I like to envision a basic concept in my mind and expand on it as I think more) before I draw anything.

Sorry if I sound like someone off of r/Iamverysmart but I really do have a powerful mind when it comes to thinking of imagery or hearing music in my head, I think I might have some kind of mental issue ngl because sometimes it gets so vivid I have a hard time believing I came up with it.


i can remember tunes pretty clearly, just forget the lyrics sometimes

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Same here my boy…
I can even hear some questionable sounds at highschool when its not even there even behind the walls I love highschool :heart_eyes:

Fellow overactive mind :handshake: my man

My man :handshake:

I am able to clearly “hear” a song without humming or anything like that. I don’t necessarily hear the song, I more specifically think it if that makes any sense. The voices of the singer(s) are also identical to the song, even though I’m unable to replicate it physically through speech. I can also adjust the song too so if I want it more theatrical with more instruments than I can do that or if I want to change how they sing their lyrics than I can do that too.


Yep. I usually sort of hear a song whenever I’m focused on something, like a test. I’d say it’s mostly accurate. It can happen whenever I’m just board, though.

Do you ever like get really good crazy ideas late at night aswell?

sadly no :sob:
Other than some random occuring motivation that ends in like an hour when it hits 3:00AM

Do you like ever do a task and just suddenly hear music in your head?

or like can you remember songs from ages ago and just play them on command?


shark doo doo… :worried:
cocomelon songs… :worried:

At least I got a playlist of deepwoken songs in my head
Keeps me entertained at school and able to sit still for a good 5 minutes without doing anything yay!!


Now this is playing in my head :sleeper:

sorry bro :sob:

baby shark doo doo doo doo do doo…

When reading fiction I enjoy I can usually immerse in whatever work, drawing from things I have seen.

As for music I can hear it in my head clearly but it isn’t always very loud, unless It’s a song I don’t like or don’t feel like hearing at the time.

Yea, i normally have a song or some form of background noise in my head.

It’s always rather accurate, though i might speed up the song sometimes. . Or just straight up evolve into another song in the middle of it.


I can “feel” traces of songs without any sort of tapping / humming of the melody but I can’t fully remember it as anything but a distant memory without something physical to anchor that memory.

Basically, no my memory for music is bad :sob:

I doubt it has any basis of a mental issue, and most likely simply just a capability that u, i and others are able to do.

The only time mental issues get related towards this if u can’t separate your headspace from reality and the likes. Becoming too detached from reality.

Aside from this though, it’s nice to be able to do this. Especially when it comes to writing, drawing, and other creative arts related to them.


I still can’t imagine not having an inner voice