A question as old as time

do you prefer apple juice or orange juice?

  • apple juice
  • orange juice

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Depends, apple juice is a baseline breakfast drink, don’t even try and refute me, but OJ is also pretty good. However the only scenario where i choose OJ here is if it has pulp

too much orange juice tastes worse than too much apple juice


i like to drink acids. with a ph above 3

That’s kinda hard. All my life I’ve been an apple juice kinda guy, but I think my palette is changing and I’m leaning towards orange juice. Still officially on the apple juice side though

Peach/Pineapple juice solo both of these sadly.



Let’s have a mutual understanding and keep it this way :nod:

Someone is definitely going to vote

depends on the mood and setting

i fucking hate pulp :skull:

Pulp makes it much less smooth and much more enjoyable to me but hey to each their own :person_shrugging:

u dont like smooth liquid? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

i mean usually yes but OJ tastes like fucking acid whenever it is too smooth :blush:

grape juice >>>

demon get help

good take pineapple juice is so good

strawberry smoothie.


dunno about you but like literally mango juice is better than either of these

or hawaiian sun