A question for everyone

what has been the most toxic argument you have ever been in?

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Any argument with my best friend, which is why she’s my best friend. We both can get really into it. Honestly it’s amazing and somehow we remain good friends. These arguments are frequent too, like thrice a week. It can be over the most petty and stupid shit but we really refuse to back down. Name it and we’ve probably argued about it, just because we both like to do it, but we are so uncivilized about it (me more than her).

my most toxic arguement happened like 5 mins ago.


I feel like this was just WoM pvp, this guy dominated in it, and then proceeded to just talk down to you. Got no idea of the context so that’s my little theory on it.

“ArE yOu AfRaId To SpEaK?1!1?!1/1?”
no you’re just fucking annoying and i’m done talking to you

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he about good at pvp, hes felix lamina from azure. tho to me hes hella toxic

Name rings no bells and I’ve never fought anyone from Azure though (at least while on their Azure file, pvped with Misinput twice and he’s in Azure (I think so at least)).

ye hes in azure.

How to pronounce crayon

@Spider_Language hiii~!!! :heart: :heart_eyes:

i remember i had this one argument on guild hub and it got pretty fucking weird
other than that i don’t think i’ve gotten involved in ‘toxic arguments’


i dont remember his actual user but i dont remember him being that good for all the shit he talks

@ThatOneGuy he wasnt anything special

I’ve been in so many online I can’t even remember lmao

That’s a shame.

Idk, I don’t often interact with others with even the basis of arguments to begin with

he would hate to see me man
god knows how much hours and i’m the worst pvper in the entire community

I wear this badge in both pride and also humility

A trading post that got out of hand simply because of our opinion on values

Looking back its kind of embarrassing because I was probably wrong anyways and the only thing I did in the end was make a death threat - like that would’ve done me any better. That was also my first warned messaged

Bro is obv Under 13

he’s a pvper who takes it seriously
it honestly goes without saying man