A Reign of Terror is coming to the forums

Down below you will see what’s coming to the Forums. Brace yourselves.


You thought I was going to tell you? Dream on. But don’t worry, you’ll see for yourselves.

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don’t cut yourself on that edge buddy

cool but uh
wheres the funny

Sorry, no funny today : (

Trying to get to tobi’s level of personal emotes I see.

Pssh, why would I ever do that?

Judging by all the hats, I’d say winter is coming.

haha i funny

Wait, aren’t you that one guy?

see i even funni more

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Yes. I am, in fact, by definition, actually, that one guy.

Oh, well great to meet you.

You too

  • revived wax arc

You’re on the right track.

its always winter for my snow file.


are you wax

takes off his mask



Wait. Gotta change that.

Oh hi Kirby from smash bros

fuck you perry the platypus