A series of me getting into places i really shouldnt

first off: sun palace locked room

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(this room if anyone is confused where i am)

i wont be documenting the other locked rooms as there is nothing but grass in there

there’s actually stuff to read in there? i clipped in and nothing was there

nah thats just something a player wrote

round two: i got caught by ravenna

ima try and clip in here for a while, but its very difficult because of how thick the walls are

I got in! and very easily. apparently all i needed was to use my dodge reflex instead of a normal dash

theres some very cool stuff in here! you can talk to the centurions, but they dont have any dialogue, its only a prompt

also for some reason they share a bed? look im not one to question stuff like this but uhhhh… its a bit odd

theres also a flag above the door, which is odd since the player never sees it under normal circumstances.

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sadly, i dont think clipping into berringer’s torture chamber is possible as the room flat out does not exist lol. by this i mean that when the player enters it during the story, they get teleported to a whole new area, as otherwise i could teleport in with the dodge reflex.

look they could be lovers, even if they were the same gender the romans were gay as hell it wouldnt be that surpising

I mean… same-sex relationships were pretty normalized in ancient greek and roman culture

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as I said

love wins

but just when their relationship was going to deepen… the fortress collapsed, killing the two lovers


even the princess one…

historically not that true

no, not “pretty normalized”, it was still condemned because homosexuality as a concept is a modern term, the act of 2 males having sexual intercourse in the Ancient Greek to Roman periods was shunned and disallowed if you were the reciever.

Along with this, most of the time philosophers of the time would speak out at homosexual relationships of the time, since many were forced via slavery, or more legally pederasty, which is pedophillia and not male exclusive

so no, not a historically accurate reply :man_shrugging:

I didn’t know it was locked because the wall literally didn’t load for me. I just saw the message saying “I shouldn’t go here” when I tried to go through the invisible door as well

Pretty sure there was something to read even tho I have notes toggled off, not sure tho its been a while