A Small Buff To Merchant NPCs' Shop Balance In Merchant Ships

A Small Buff To Merchant NPCs' Shop Balance In Merchant Ships
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This is gonna be a pretty short suggestion since it doesn’t really need that much depth. Currently, the only useful merchant npc type is the dyer and the rest are mostly ignored. I’ve seen a post already that, depending on the type of merchant, should have their slots to sell be increased but that isn’t really enough incentive to approach them as currently, if they don’t have an arcsphere or whatever item, it’s immediately ignored.

Merchant’s Shop Balance Depends On Their Type

  • Common and dyer merchants should have the same shop balance as any shop npcs in towns.

  • Upstart merchants should always have 7,500 shop balance to signify that they are somewhat rich.

  • Rich merchants should have 15,000 shop balance to signify that they are really rich.

With the changes above, people would most likely buy and sell from travelling merchants rather than just from town npc shops considering with the changes to how long the servers would shutdown as noted in v1.13.3.4 and above, which is 36 hours, this would mean that almost no town npc shops would have 5K+ shop balance. You’d be lucky to actually find one just to sell a lot of your stuff.

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should be 2.5k - 15k cause 25k is just overkill


25k seems alright though, considering rich merchants arent that common and there aren’t a lot of players willing to sell 25K worth of items

Pretty much I’m also basing the shop balance depending on their spawn rarity, at the very least this would help the minority of the playerbase that wants to sell a lot of items ig

good but way too high

well yeah thats why 25k is overkill, if its more than any player is able to sell for then theres a problem

yeah usual sell loads for me are in the 1-2k range (because at that point the inventory starts lagging)

I mean there are players out there with loaded inventory and has over 10K+ items that wants to sell them, although they’re 1/5 of the playerbase, I’m still counting them on this change :sob:

But yeah, I guess I’ll lessen them down to 15K for rich merchants and 7.5K for upstart merchants

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