A story about me and someone else

So I was playing (30 mins ago lel) and then a player (bad rep) just randomly attacked me
I dodged with my dash and then lasered him
He ran and attacked and after I killed him, he said “Meet me at the colosseum” and so I did
I was walking in epicly (not running lol) but then he had another person with lightning attack me with lasers and he used the pillar explosion (hes a explosion mage)
i got damadged but then just dodged and attacked with lasers and blasts
They were a little lower leveled than me but I clapped them lol THE CLASH RATE THING IS SO GOOD YESS
But then the explosion user told me “Stop or I will destroy summer hold” and I said “Ok then do it and I will stop you”
then I used my magic size set (94) and destroyed more than him (the lightning user just left so it was easier) BUT HE KEPT RUNNING
Then I said ‘‘COME AT ME BRO’’ and then ‘‘YOU COWARD’’ then he said "Are you mad?’’
And I obviously said “YES AHAHAHAHAHAHA” and then he just went in a building or tower outside of summer hold but i say him doing the magic casting stance so i kinda went in then quickly dashed outta there
and then I kept bullying him for 15 mins

It was fun
but this is legit what happened lol

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Cool i quess

and thats why

I love bullying toxic children.

me too brother
me too


I replied to robin but ok