A Story of Continuing

I like writing stories that could fit into the lore of a certain other artist’s work. So here you go.

Everything was black, grasping with his hands he found a piece of driftwood washed ashore by the waves lapping at his feet. After standing up he tried to look around, all he saw was black. Reaching up he felt for his eyes. That was a mistake. His body was quickly wracked in pain after the touch. His eyes were sealed shut and face scarred by burns. I thought Theos was strong, so what was that monster? Thought the man as the pain calmed down. Glad I stole that teleportation magic from that guy. He reached inside himself for power so he could heal his injuries, then stopped. He found one curse: a simple wind curse; all his other curses and magic he had been gathering and collecting were gone. Collapsing onto the beach he just blankly stared into darkness wondering what he would have to do to regain the absorption curse. I guess when I attacked that creature I released all of my magic in that final attack and the teleportation magic zapped me here. Hopefully the attack killed that monster.

“Hey, who are you?” a voice yelled from somewhere to his left.

He had no idea how much time had passed but it seemed to be getting warmer. When he heard the voice, his first thought was to kill whoever it was. “Just a traveler,” he replied. He chose not to, because if it was a skilled mage he stood no chance even with the wind curse.

“A traveler-, “ he paused, “What happened to your body and why don’t you have any clothes?”

“Huh, I guess my own attack nearly killed me as well,” was his response.

There was a long pause before the voice answered, “Where are you from, traveler, and who were you fighting?”

“I was fighting a monster, and my home was destroyed,” he replied. “Now, where am I and who are you?”

“This is Redwake. And I’m called the Hermit,”

“What sea is Redwake in?”

“Sea? No one has decided on a name for the seas, everyone refers to them as the War Seas.”

“War seas? If you’re not lying then I’m very far from where I should be.”

The hermit made a sound as if tinkering with an item. “I’ll take you to my cabin and give you some of my clothes. I will do what I can for you but I don’t think there is anything I can do about your injuries,” The Hermit said calmly, “But, only if you tell me your full name.”

“Fine, my name is Durza.”

“I haven’t heard a name like that in all my travels. Let’s get you fixed up, curse user.”

“What?! How do you know I have a curse?!” Durza demanded, suddenly concerned.

“The air around you is swirlin and picking up sand. That’s not normal for a magic user. Don’t get so concerned.”

The Hermit picked up Durza and took him to his home, fixing up what he could, as he said, and giving him a pair of fresh clothes. Durza Spent the next week with the Hermit brooding through his own dark thoughts and occasionally reaching to his eyes. He’d have to reclaim the absorption curse without the use of his eyes.

So what if Durza is still alive? A bright flash (well the flash took out 3 seas) gives space for Durza’s escape via magic.

Sorry its so short.

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durza mean i hate durza :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp:

good writing