A strong party when AO comes out

So we take a group with a warrior (defence build), conjurur (sunken sword + ice magic and a power/defense build) and a mage (Metal magic + Ice magic and a power/defence build)
All would be lvl 120 since that’ll be the max. The warrior would boost weapon damage for the conjurer and the mage would provide cover with spell barrages while the conjurer uses the sunken sword to soak the attacker. Once soaked the conjurer would freeze him with ice magic and for the split second the attacker is frozen the mage will blast him with metal magic and the conjurer will tiger slash the attacker with the sunken sword while the warrior also attacks with a weapon.

Try to make a stronger party of (3) people.

3 full mages power build metal magic and beams. Need I say more?


Bro they are gonna be doing 200 per beam. And if needed just self explosion.

A strong party in AO will be Doge Nation combination of magic and weapons

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and they would also die if you sneeze on them too hard

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Yes but they can easily be killed if your party can’t tank the hits.

Isn’t the point to deal he most dmv tho

If they can dodge and perfect block then nah they aint dying

you never said they were perfect blocking. and if they dodge they can’t fire back spells.

Bro i dont need to say that lmao. This is something everyone should do.

Im sorry is double tapping A or D too hard? It takes a second to dodge and you can just fire a spell.

Ok then. Sure still gonna get destroyed by a group of doge nation or suncry players.

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There are only a couple good doge members, and suncry is just gone bro :skull:

Generic anime plots be like

“This is how they became the strongest warriors in the sea”

one multiblast and one of them would basically be dead
it only works for captains since they have higher dmg output and more hp than players. Oh and aimbot ofc

Mage gang rise!

mage gang isnt a gang, its an entire fucking military.