A suggestion to possibly disable PVP?

This is only an issue because vetex hasn’t made any changes to renown that make hunting people that pvp more rewarding. I honestly think that npc renown and pvp renown should be two different things, but that sound really weird to implement and honestly, your best option is just getting good at pvp or getting good at running, neither of which are that hard. Honestly the only real reason to not learn pvp is if you’re SUPER laggy.

if i had enough time in my day to harass you with a demotivating paragraph i would :heart:

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If either half of this were true this wouldn’t be a discussion to begin with.
PvP in this game is hellish to get into and incredibly demotivating for alot of people.

You’re a PvPer, you know how miserable getting used to this weird ass combat is starting out.
You continuing to put up with it and reaching the point where its actually fun makes you an exception. That’s not a bad thing, but you really shouldn’t assume everybody (or even most people) will have the same experience as you.
From what I’ve seen, the vast majority of people give up early on and either:
1: Enjoy AO for non-PvP related things
2: Move on from AO to a game that has PvP that doesn’t suck to learn


Finally a suggestion that is actully valid for pvp disable unlike other ones

However its a pvp disable suggestion
Whats your username :blush:

Thanks man, the only reason I posted it here was because I genuinly couldn’t find this thread xD

Fair enough, but out of curiosity did Vetex ever explain why disabling PvP is a No go?

He said he wants the game to like have that atmosphere of not knowing who you can trust, which backfired because now all and all you quite literally are just better off avoiding players entirely

Bait used to be real

It’s not that hard to get good at running, though. Just slap on a 200 agility set and you’re good to go, although some people wouldn’t like having to change their build to deal with bounty hunters- but it’s also not hard to include 200 agility in your main build.

ngl that would take at least a few hours of mindless grinding to get :fr: (or just extreme luck)

Theres literally no other pve content besides grinding so youre good to go :+1:

I fully agree this was literally my idea for like 10 months, it’ll be a good way to separate the PvE and PvP demons from each other and they can do whatever. It would solve a bunch of problems without the removal of global PvP.

if only we could have AA style reputation, where you have reputation (from 8000 to -8000) and bounty/fame (no cap, increases the amount of money you would get on assassination/hunt)

One thing I forgot to mention.

If PvP really was the only thing keeping the game afloat: The game would be absolutely fucked.
I made this poll a good while ago and it got some decent attention, as of typing this, the votes here amount to a bit over 10% of AO’s current concurrent players, so I’d say that’s a good sample size.

The PvP is ungodly hard to get into, about as new player unfriendly as it could possibly be, horribly unfun to learn, incredibly ping reliant, has a heavy meta, etc.
It is absolutely not what’s keeping the vast majority of players around.

I’ll be remaking the poll after spirit weapons release to see if the numbers have changed.


Thankfully I never had that problem since wom was the first game with non-turn based combat I ever played, but it took me a LONG time to learn.
I’m one of the least naturally skilled persons you’ll ever find, the only reason I’m decent is because of the sheer amount of time I spent pvping, heck, it took me 350 hours in Deepwoken to beat a Sharko

but now if you do a poll of how active these pve players are vs the pvp ones, there’s gonna be a major difference.
That’s because Vetex says AO promotes exploration and PvE, yet the game has neither. You don’t PvE in AO, all the good stuff is locked behind minigames (being Charts and Fishing) and there’s no sense of exploration whatsoever because of how small all the islands are, and how intrusive the UI can be, difficult to be immersed when there isn’t an island you can’t cross in 5min (or 10 seconds for some) and the ui has 20 clans with weird images that you can’t hige whatsoever

if only there were more random generated events like structures, shipwrecks, and other things to explore
also if only kingdom alignment was added

Take a shot for every pvp disabling feature (dificulty: lethal)

I’d also like to mention that the Roblox Fighting/Anime community (Which AO appeals to unintentionally or not, let’s not try to deny it) in general is very heavily biased towards multiplayer PvP games rather than singleplayer. If PvP got removed then obviously this game would be cooked and would meet the same fate as many others before it, dead like a boomer in a few decades.

Because unlike real games like FF7, Roblox games tend to not have a long shelf life so they spoil really fast.