A talk about the Kits And Kills logo I made because I'm ~85% done with Aether Overdrive

(i might need some ideas for the logo plz)

logo meaning

the R/T/G/B/V/C/X/Z at the outer part of the magic circle thing represent the 8 keybinds for a unit’s special/unique skills

the thing in the middle represent a mouse button, with the left side having many small lightning bolts which represent M1s aka lower damage and faster attacks, the right side representing M2s aka higher damage and slower attacks

the F (strangely on the scroll wheel) represents the keybind for blocking

which or what logo
  • keep current
  • change to 1 of the units (mascot) wit the text
  • change to like 4 units ingame on the thumbnail
  • you suggest something

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looks pretty good but im not keen on the letters on the outside and the inside even if they represent the keybinds, would be better if you replaced them with some sort of symbols

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I like it but I just think the lightning bolts in the middle seemed a bit more arranged if that makes sense

what elment said, symbols might look cooler but it would also be good for the keybinds to be “rotated” depending on what part of the logo they are on, like keybind r being rotated 15 degrees to the left

something like this?

yeah that looks pretty cool :nod:

i don’t know anything else to suggest

what I meant is the logo would look something like this:

I love that logo

the logo should be this

cat unit/kit in kits and kills?!?11!?!?!?11!?!?!11!?!