A traders take on sunkens and headless

I don’t believe headlesses value has spiked so much in a span of 2 or 3 months, its rather that the sunkens value has dropped.

I have firsthand seen the utter amount of exploit and macro fishers. The reason the price of headless has driven up so high was because of said fishers coming onto the forums and offering ridiculous amounts of sunkens.

i think its a combination of both, headless has gotten rarer and sunkens have gotten more common

Only compared to headlesses tho. Wouldnt say anything has changed when trading boss drops for sunkens etc

But yes i agree :nod:

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I still dont understand why people look for overpay in sunken value for headlesses. It blows my mind considering we almost know for sure that headless will spike in value and sunkens are dropping in AO.

But at the end of the day, headless is still just a vanity. Yeah, but it was also decently hard to get from an event and it’s gonna be old as well. That combines up to what is usually very valuable in games

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maybe I’m wrong and someone can correct me if so, but I’d assume most people who trade a headless for a sunken overpay, are looking to use that overpay and just a tiny bit more to get multiple headless. I think thats the plan at least


its a game of hot potato

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