A use for Statues

There are three different statues on the map currently. There’s Frosty McMannis in Mount Seawatch, Lavaboy in the Bronze Arena Ruins, and Rusty Old King in the Whispering Forest. All of these statues hold their own weapon, Frosty McMannis wields an ice axe, Lavaboy brandishes his magma spear, and Rusty Old King holds his Rusty Old Sword. I think it would be a cool feature to maybe awaken these statues with a spell that you unlock at high level, and get to fight them as bosses. I think it would be pretty cool and the statues could have a chance at dropping their own weapon.

Frosty McMannis

As you can see, there are strange runes on the pedestal that he stands on, and he indeed is frosty.


Lavaboy is not the Peacekeeper. Also, he is the odd one out of the statue group, because he stands on a hand sculpture instead of a pedestal. He seems to give of a dark magic type particle affect. Strange.

Rusty Old King

Besides the explosion magic nerd in the background, you can see that the King has a long and rusty sword. There are also runes on his pedestal similar to to Frosty McMannis. On the bottom of his pedestal, the words look like coordinates to something. He gives off no particle effect, because he’s boring.

Maybe this is going to be used to translate the runes on Frosty and Rusty’s pedestal. Maybe reading the runes can show you lore, or summon the statue as a boss, or maybe it can do nothing. Good Night!

You missed Nikola Tesla (name can be worked on)

The idea sounds cool and I would love it. I think the only problem would be lore-wise and if that could actually work.

Serbian pride

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