A very awful but interesting special weapon | Ussop's Inspired weapon, "Kabuto"/slingshot

A very awful but interesting special weapon | Ussop's Inspired weapon, "Kabuto"/slingshot
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Takes heavy inspiration of Ussop’s weapon, the Kabuto/Slingshot

Now, you might be asking why would I want such a weapon to be added to the game? While I was running up a potions build I had this weapon come up in mind that being a slingshot that basically acts as a boy but realistically for other miscellanous items such as potions and such.

Extra suggestion: This also comes along with other suggestions to the game like a chain, I also found out about the usage of the gunpowder barrels and another idea came to me that being craftables bombs if you turn in a gun-powder barrel. These would act as a sort of utilization weapon for explosive power that deals flat damage but can’t increase in damage. This can be used in all situtions and uselessness like destroying structures and such but this is would quite fun to be considering we got gun-powder barrels. (Will also not be as useful in pvp since magics and such would out-class such bombs though bombs would do well insta destruction to squids, metal trees, giant urchins, etc.

Kabuto’s Abilities/Slingshot abilities
Limited Ammo - Despite having a weapon that shoots out things like the bow can do, this weapon relies on if you even have enough “ammo” to keep using attacks like WoM bow which relied on if you even had arrows to shoot, if you had non the bow wouldn’t shoot nothing. To make it more balanced, if you tried to abuse effects maybe like the luck V essentia potion, you can not do that. Since the abilities are just like bow, imagine using the rain of arrows copy and to summon 10 different clouds of essentia, you can’t do that as you’d need 10 essentia’s on you. If you had nine for example you can’t use the attack unless you had ten.

New exclusive effect: Heavy Weight

If you wanted to use bigger potions for your slingshot, there will be a problem, to make this make slightly more sense, as these potions are a lot more bigger it will of course take more time to load and launch meaning the re-load time for bigger potions much pretty much takes more time to use than smaller potions like novas, bursting, etc, but something like supernova takes longer to use.

The abilities it shares would most likely be very or just exactly the same as the bow but mainly for potions and such, however the enchantments can be talked about on how it would effect potions, also the potency if you used a weapon would slightly be smaller in favor of using potions. But you’d need a build to make this effective anyways, if not it might just lack in battles.

Stat effects
Power - Increases the glass-damage of the potions, not the actual effect as potions do two types of damage, bottle and potion damage. This only effects the bottle damage.

Size - Increases the hit-box size potion, increasing the clouds, increasing strength potency to the environment, basically just increasing the over-all size of the potion when it hits the ground.

Attack speed - Allows potions to be used in a much faster way, allowing you to shoot it much easily and less end-lag rather than having to throw it, increases the speed of the potion as well.

Intensity - Increases a potions DoT effects such as the magma, fire, poison, etc effects. However potions that give clearsight, agility, luck, nor timed-effects like blinding will not be effected.

Why are the abilities just the bow - The slingshot basically shares the same type
abiltiies that the bow could do so it would most likely follow it, just that this weapon does have some level in using it and making it worth your time to use.

Before you say “But flare, this is way to OP”, the potency will scale on the kabuto, meaning the effect could be slightly stronger or weaker and having to create the potions is honestly a pain itself.

Gilded potions would be the most effective since the potency has been decreased and to have it’s max potential potency you’d of course need gilded.

(Kabuto would heavily scale on your alchemist skill level more than your warrior skill)

Reason to why I think this should be added

Well, this would be quite hard for me to understand why this would be added but over-all, I see this as a fun idea to add to the game to add more special weapons and utilize potions in pvp considering how difficult it is to even use it in PvP.

But you could of course use gels to boost yourself but this is bursting potions we’re talking about, not whale blubber and of course this weapon would most likely be more effective than the gels, only that the problem with this weapon is that you have to learn how to not waste and learn how to use it considering it’s limitations.

Obtainment ways
Since this is just a mere slingshot but a special weapon at the same type, it should be put in the loot category for weapons like poison tooth daggers or vindicators. Just that the kabuto is slightly rarer than the 1/60 vindicator in return for being and literally having the ability to shoot items rather than arrows.


Theres my suggestion for the weapon, the kabuto. Pretty much slightly unbalanced but maybe if it’s scaled correctly it can pretty much be balanced, I thought of this idea for roughly one month but I had a question to myself about this weapon.

What class would this weapon even be part of?
I know it could be warrior/knight but it kinda gets me, would it be part of warlord since you have to wind-up potions? Would it be weapon stat so you learn how to use the weapon and only shoot potions? Or just the first class-less weapon that you learn through levels.

Theres my crappy suggestion!
This looks like mid but I honestly cared how fun it was typing this out lol!!

make this an artisan weapon fr

I’m not against weapon diversity so you have my vote

I still want potion mortars

it might be cool if it could be obtained as a second, higher level quest from that potion quest guy at sailor’s lodge, maybe it would require you to go to the dark sea and make a silver/gold potion or something

anyways, good suggestion :nod:

Potion slingshot when

Actually not a bad idea but I was mainly looking for if people could get multiplies of the Kabuto for it’s trade rather than being an exclusive weapon that’s obtainable once lol

ig it’d be nice if the kabuto was obtainable from chests if you’ve done the quest first

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