A year, hmmm


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Happy anniversary of suffering!

thank god i thought i was the only one who thought that

Congrats on being in this one lonely. unknown game forum for way too long!

As you expect. here is a baked good for celebration!

Lots of chocolate! hope you like chocolate…

Y’know, I haven’t seen you around much! you should try posting more things if you wanna go for regular next!


thank you! actually i was regular for a while but i took a break in the summer i think

Don’t go back to regular, save yourself…

hmmmmmm, I see.

Y’know. It’ll probably be a lot easier to become regular when AO is out. as there will be things to actually talk about!

Though. you could also do random off topic stuff… like talk about a game or smth!

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Happy anniversary.

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I guide others to a treasure I cannot possess.


Remember when regular was the ultimate flex?

I don’t

Hey, how’d you get seasoned writer?

for like 2 weeks and then everybody stopped talking about it

Is it intentional that your pfp kind of looks like a skull at a distance?

From Odyssey Feed

Oop necrobump


Are they a person? Am I supposed to message them

happy pain day.


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