AA Pre-Magic Novel Idea

Hey! This is pretty unlike my usual memes that I post, because its a legitimate idea I have! I would really like some suggestions aswell! So, here we go.

I have been thinking lately, what happened before magic was created. What was the world like during the creation of magic? I would love to write a novel about Prometheus’s journey to bring the power of magic to humans, and how the world adapted after magic was brought into human hands! I need some ideas for the title, the cover, and some possible side characters! If you would like, I could possibly add your AO/WoM character as a side-character/minor cameo. Back to the era, I really just think it would be interesting to detail the journey of Prometheus, and the uncharted territories of AA’s history.

Sounds interesting, it would be interesting considering it’s really new to them, now they don’t have to rely on the gods as much which would be very interesting, and them learning how to use magic in the first place would make an interesting part, but what about people who don’t have magic, can you explain that? And why are some people who are part of the same family have magic while others don’t? It would be very interesting to see your perspective.

About the people who don’t have magic, the main plot of the first few arcs will be about spreading magic which would be called “Prometheus’ Gift” before being given the name magic by the first Grand Fire curse user, I don’t want to spoil too much! About the hereditary magic thing, until some of the final arcs magic would only be obtainable through curses, and things that aren’t canon called “Promethan Arcanes” which will be curses that can only be obtained by Prometheus giving you it directly, instead of obtaining it through the normal way of obtaining curses. These “Promethean Arcanes” CAN be passed down genetically, but get weaker over time, “Promethean Arcanes” eventually just become normal magic by the time the peacekeeper wakes up and meets the war pheonix.

Prometheus’ gift will be the unmutated curses by the time the peacekeeper wakes up. (Due to being the original form of magic, and curses being known as the purest form of a magic)

Like the normal fire curse, the light curse, things like that.

I have some ideas but we’ll take these to DMs

Possible side characters:
A pure blooded vastus who rules over a small population of humans prior to the introduction of magic
possibly Torren depending on when he was born

Freedrock and Torren drinking.

yo that’d be lit

the gods having a party? hades’ plan for Durza?

Oh that would be good for world building! Kind of a thing where Vastus are the rulers, but the humans after gaining magic begin an uprising! Thank you!

It’s greek, it’s just greek before fire

The lore is literally greek mythology prior to Prometheus giving human fire or in arcane’s case, magic. Any event that happens before that are unaffected by the butterfly effect and are completely identical to the true greek mythology.

I mean human life pre-magic in arcane, it would be so different compared to what we’re used to.

no, it literally doesn’t, tech stated at the beginning of the lore doc that anything before magic was real greek mythology

I know b r u h, its head canon.

Not supposed to be DIRECTLY based off the lore, its more meant to be a myth, or a legend.

o k