AA should've been a permadeath game

Always wanted a permadeath game with really nice trading systems, naval travel, and shit like that. If it were a permadeath game, I’d prefer that stuff like fishing, trading, etc. also have XP assigned to them.

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Bitch it’s bouta become more toxic than RL


thats what people perceive deepwoken as

Well yeah, but unlike in RL, you don’t get much shit for killing people.
Maybe there would be a bounty hunter occupation, but it’d be ideally really hard to obtain.

Ideally there would be a little toxicity, but it should be harder to be toxic than not for the most part. Rogue is like the opposite of this.

Yeah but


Did AA have infamy? Don’t really remember lol.



That’s… The worst idea I think i’ve ever heard.

You do realize what would’ve happened right?

People would STAY level 44 or lower.

The god of the game would be determined by who was lucky enough to be in an empty server and grind to level 250.

There’s so many other things that would make me say absolutely not but jesus christ dude.

You do realize what would happen in npc gameplay right?

Just… No… Please never… Absolutely not.

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deepwoken really is gonna be the best roblox game that has ever come out, isn’t it?
literally the messiah of roblox games.

no lol

Yeah no.

well then better the grinding factor.
aa’s grind was dogshit anyway. in perma-death games, the actual time it takes to progress (not accounting dying) should not be that much by design. i trust i don’t really need to say why.

ideally, i’d just get rid of the idea of levels in the first place. the moves you can potentially get in the future should not be known to you the minute you start the game. i like the idea of exploring an unknown world.

why not?

Thing is, you are making a new game

RL’s progression isn’t as based on enemies though

what does being based on enemies have to do with anything tho?

also yeah, making a new game. to be fair, the sheer act of making AA permadeath would arguably be making a new game in and of itself, because the sheer amount of changes one would need to make in order to make the game fit being a permadeath game would be enormous.

You sound like a pvp extremist.

It’s better than forcing people to pvp.

Well then you’re playing the wrong game.

This is why everyone in the vetex community hates the rl/dw community and vice versa.

Dies, gets all my progress reset

Appreciate the creativity I guess, but no, God, please dear Lord no.

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Ima just put this in a way that’s easily understandable

The game would require too much investiment for something that can be easily lost. What’s even the point of wasting hundreds of hours leveling up and getting a full set of perfect gear in a stupid RNG system if you can lose it all because some dude thought it would be funny to kill you or you lagged while fighting a boss?

I would be fine with something like extra crown loss or minor level loss from executions, but permadeath would only be fun if most of the RNG stupidity was removed, some kind of generation system was implemented and progression was made massively quicker.

ok man.
show me ONE PLACE where i said that i want to force people to PvP, or that progress would be dependent on pvp.
you know, permadeath =/= hardcore pvp game.

mob mentality, let’s go!!! internet people hating other internet people for differences in preference will never cease to make me laugh. if this is enough to make you hate another person, then i don’t know what to say lmao.

Arcane lineage hehe.