AA Webcomic - Chapter 23 Part 2

episode 97, i dont even keep track of how many parts there are and i just realized that the comic’s almost at 100 episodes + 400k views


Neuron activation

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god I virent and lilith get out of durza’s vaporization range :frcryin:

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What happened to freedrock. Probably charging up his impactfist

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Screenshot (123)

:flushed: based


He doesn’t have impact fist, and he could easily split everyone in half right now

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Pls add comically large monkey

We love your comic

Oh then I wonder what he’s waiting for

commie spotted lethal force engaged

Little Shrek Sheep,

Let me begin by saying that I realize of course, you are a dirty filthy commie. I am a big fan of your work, however, i believe, that you have committed an unforgivable sin, and I can not let that slide. Mr. Shrek Sheep, you have committed treason, and you will be publically executed by a guillotine, in front of the American People.
Screenshot (123)
(its a joke btw)

fr tho are you a communist?

holy shit politcs??? :flushed:
time to call the politic police, and ruin the fun.

I know this was long ago, but Freedrock has Radius Fist, not Impact…

Yes I know now :sleeper: my brain isn’t ok