AA Webcomic - Chapter 27 End


bounty hunter beaten, training done, and angel being angel, all is good in the world
have a happy new year!

KDS Commission work for BNTarwarn


angel being angel indeed

also tiny room details hehe


is this a mistake orrrrr
same thing repeated

Angel, Angel
what the fck
bandicam 2021-12-29 18-20-26-501
man i really need to remember the fact the curse users can live for a long a$$ time
i actually was pretty suprise to know that Trigno is like a few hundreds or some sht lol



Why does this guy look like Joe Biden

yoooo that comm work looks clean :ok_hand:, you still taking them?

Also I’m still amazed at the fact that angel can go from “uwu sleeping in the same bed as juniper” to “I will beat the :poop: out of juniper for her own good” in the span of 10 minutes

ayo the kds drawing is epic