AA Webcomic - Chapter 33 End

school and work distracting me from comic work! (good distractions!) hope everyone’s enjoying AO so far!


boutta be awkward when juniper tries to buy coconut new clothes

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she’d probably just buy something that she thinks would fits Coconut without actually taking her to the shop onwer

getting Coconut to wear the clothes is the fun part here


Coconut is her imagination

Also its been foreshadowed so much but Juniper definitely getting equinox

which Durza doesn’t have

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juniper really just casually made a bomb in front of her friends “to demonstrate”

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yes, that did happen.

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that juniper face is gold but damn seeing freedrock’s reaction to her nearly causing an equinox reaction makes me lowkey think he saw tyrun and the magic in action

even though I want a happy ending for them, I’m glad to see juniper is wary of angel and that angel feels regret after that forced death match. I get angel was hopped up on white fire, but that was beyond uncool. also interesting to see the bleaching remnants angel had in her hair and eyes are gone now


impresive… more than 10 likes… :nod:

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