AA Webcomic - Chapter 33 Part 3 + Milestones

Just when I thought I had things back on track, a nasty sickness decided to kick me down for the past week, but now that I’m recovering I can finally finish this up!


image would you look at that, we’re on the last leg to a million overall views! i’m excited to see where this goes, thank you!

enjoy the release of AO in a few hours!



Feels like it’s nearly over.

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not quite my tempo


I really appreciated the spectator shark!

I also wish everyone a great time during release!

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do you know what you have done

do you know the plague you have unleased, Trollus?


this chapter truly brought chills down my spine :cold_face:

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Glad your feeling better! And I can’t wait to read more! Also Mimhere Island arc when?


when the schizophrenic illusions say i fucked up their house (it isnt real)


zamn congrats on 750k! with AO coming out and the influx of new people I’m sure you’ll hit 1 mil in no time

that said it’s great seeing juniper start to forge her own path and beating angel in a non-lethal way. now hopefully juniper can talk some sense into her :skull:

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i caught up after a while of inactivity, and the art is getting really good now. it’s nice. or should i say… ice

Just awesome, I’ve never heard of AA, WOM, And just came to Arcane Odyssey and theres a whole webtoon. Keep up the goodwork!

hear me out everyone- One Summer’s Day from Spirited Away really feels like it could be a theme for juniper- or juniper and angel’s relationship

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