AA Webcomic - Chapter 38 Part 2 + 5 Years Anniversary

5 years, dang, congratulations

Thoughts on the chapter




She’s figuring it out :DDDDDD



Happy birthday AA Webtoon!!!


gaw dayeum

silly laugh

Coconut making juniper look bad!!! bad younger self

Durza boutta make the greatest revelation in Juniper’s life rn

every time trollus draws tempest, it looks cooler than the last time

Coconut using shadow magic is insane, what the hell is she? cant be an hallucination if she can cast stuff from places away from juniper, and the thing looks weird too

peak as always


yipe hapy 5 year aniversary!!! comic so good :fire_magic: :fire_magic: :nod: :nod:

the 5 year anniversary is real!

Juniper is really just using her own hallucinations to fight. It doesn’t matter how powerful you are when your enemy is just sending their imaginary friend after you.

live trigno reaction

when someone’ schitzo hallucination starts throwing hands that’s when stuff gets real


i didnt expect the red mist to appear holy shit

It’s so cool seeing Durza hold that skull he’s been wearing like a head

oh my god you guys… durza said the skull who he was wearing belonged to a “commander.” the text for “commander” is yellow. who did he recently face that was a commander AND whos hallmark color is yellow…? take a wild guess…

also happy 5 year anniversary sheep. i love this comic with all my heart, its so much better than the nonsensical crud that tv/movie studios are pushing out these days…

ps I would buy merch fr


I would like to thank you for this absolutely amazing webtoon. I loved it, and I’m waiting for new chapters. I have read many webtoons before, and the only one that surpassed yours, was Solo Leveling, which probably is the most popular manhwa. Overall, good job and good luck for the future. Happy bithday AA Webtoon! :tada:

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5 Year aniversary? It’s been that long? I’ve personally only really been around Vetex’s games a little bit, having played the first Sea of AA, played a bit of WoM, and now being an avid AO player… and never knew about this Webcomic until about a week ago. Needless to say I binged it in 19 hours straight (I have a problem) and it’s been enjoyable the entire time, so keep doing what you’re doing.

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