AA Webcomic - The Cloud Curse

damn wtf that actually hits hard, especially with how much I like his character and motivation in the story rn :frcryin:

OLEG curse when

Give him an epic battle with Rupin

The OLEG curse…

The user is cursed to be incredibly sussy, causing their surroundings to be infected with the “sus” status effect. The legendary first Edgegod, Ezia was killed by the “sus” status effect.

ezia killed hmself lmao

his edge curse corruputed his mind too far

the oleg curse+the edge curse

a negative interaction

nah that shit just makes hell

Rupin is dead as fuck

oh I forgot

he got killed by trigno

I can imagine an interaction between Durza and Landon.

DURZA: “I don’t need your curse. It is quite weak, so please move aside.”

LANDON: “Weak? Maybe so… but I can’t just watch you terrorize my friends! I’ll stop you even if I die trying!”

or something like that

then Landon dies


I think it’d be cool if he had like a 10 minute fight with Durza basically just toying with him but also applauding his determinaton, then Durza gets bored and donuts him(PLS give Landon a donut death PLEASE)

And after Durza kills him he’ll be like:

“This curse is so weak that I don’t even want to add it to my arsenal.” and just leave it there.

Durza would never turn down a free curse smh


Maybe, but like what if it’s just that weak

It isn’t tho

ok fine

durza would kill himself trying to absorb my curses (I have infinite curse creation magic and I have seawater magic)

Durza can only absorb curses after killing the old curse user