AA Webcomic - The Cloud Curse

so, about landon and the cloud curse. i think it’s super likely that landon will be killed off, because otherwise there’s no way beringer would have the cloud curse in AO, so in the context of the webcomic, the only way beringer would possibly have the curse is if landon died sometime prior and the curse ended up somewhere in the war seas for beringer to take it

I mean killing off Landon might feel a bit forced

Plus the AA webcomic isn’t canon

Cloud magic would be cool ngl


Also, the webcomic isn’t canon.
Maybe a few parts are but its most likely uncanon

drip theos is canon

According to vetex (and AO as you’ve pointed out), landon does indeed die after durza is beaten and chaos ravages the seven seas. But as others have said, the webcomic isn’t canon so who knows if sheep will adapt this part (maybe it will be changed in the webcomic or maybe it won’t even get to that part).

Though sheep has worked pretty hard to keep the webcomic pretty accurate to the outlined events of AA, so it ain’t looking good for our boy :pensive:

i deadass thought landon was original to the webcomic, like jack

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Oh damn, I thought so too

lmao classic, still hilarious every time i thought about it (even more so now that his Curse resides in War Seas)

oh my fucking god

this was like looking at “To You, 2,000 Years From Now” :sob:


Aa web comic isn’t canon at all Also killing off Landon would be sad af

WEBTOON is non canon but they do try to maintain it, though now they’re off the rails as AA storyline ended a while ago lol

cloud curse is the closest thing we’ll get to a fart based curse :pensive: let that sink in.

unfortunately one of the things that has to happen, i’ve definitely discussed it before with others but you’re right

the fact that beringer had the cloud curse in AO does imply that something must’ve happened to landon months prior to the AO story

i’ll do my best to make his time count!

and yes despite the webcomic not being canon, i will make sure to follow the lore doc as best i can at least to the major points, much of the AA story besides the peacekeeper’s major aspirations were left to interpretation and the headcanon of the reader on top of aa not having much impact on the ao story otherwise. so who knows, maybe the webcomic could be your headcanon to prior events? your choice!


kid named wind curse:

not as gassy

kid named poison curse:

that one sound from spongebob where they make the foghorn sound

landon could completely destroy cerulea and i think he should do that

@LittleShrekSheep you should make this happen i think that would make people happy