Aabraham and leo

Please tell me the drama, because I pissed off leo as well, the next day I was kicked from spearbreak.

Leo is too easily pissed off, I pissed him off simply by going on a level 35 alt and spamming explosions to lag him during his 1v1s, I didn’t even intend to lag him, I was just trolling, pretending to participate in the 1v1s while I couldn’t even hit people


Let’s start some beef

@LeoTheAbsoluteLegend @Xevenant

Leo, don’t respond, he’s trying to start drama. He knows exactly why he was banned and it’s not that. I will not make any other replies to this and @LeoTheAbsoluteLegend I forbid u from doing it as well

I was banned for toxicity, but if I didn’t go on my level 35 file, nothing would’ve happened at all.

Guild Drama? Lemme grab the popcorn.

ping me if this gets toxic, i don’t have time for this lel

y’all should get loud, funny mic chewing contest.

wom players when the infamy and then the !!! ???

Couldn’t discuss this on guild hub could you?

“Oh no, I have performed braindead, toxic mischief towards my guild. Watch me cause drama and rile up my allies.”

“This will surely help my case, and I will indubitably get a warm welcome back! Hurr, durr.”

@liu you do preventive actions? If yes, close to avoid a potential drama.

Also the poster of this has the clear intention of starting beef/drama, this post is just a timed bomb waiting to explode.

what’s the purpose of this :confused:

intentionally trying to initiate drama