About Dark Sea enemies

In recent patch notes, vetex revealed/officialized that one type of Dark Sea enemies will Atlanteans. So what’s the other one ?
The name “Atlanteans” has been revealed in the patch notes after vetex finished a new type of enemy that spawns in a new Dark Sea structure, and he also said that Atlanteans are on ships. So this probably means that Atlanteans are the first type of Dark Sea enemies, so what is the other one ?
(Also if I’m right I can say that I thought the first type of enemies were Vastus)

Don’t remember having seen any mention of any other type of dark sea enemy in the patch notes yet. Could just mean that there are more dark sea enemies planned for later, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are being added right now.


Then it’s a new type of enemy that we don’t have a name for yet.
It could just be Vetex keeping something hidden for us to discover when we explore the Dark Seas ourselves.

Well we do due to people leaking the patreon but if you don’t know then I won’t spoil anything

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But this was also the case for Atlanteans. So did vetex was tired or something and revealed the name accidently?

The issue was Atlanteans were never a secret and most of the forums knew that the new Dark Sea enemy was them due to vetex mentioning them at the bottom of the brewing update dev blog. There’s no reason to try to keep Atlanteans a secret when most people already know about it.

This new enemy was never mentioned before and while it isn’t a secret to patreon people, it is a secret to your average joe unlike Atlanteans

If you’re talking about this in the patreon then the text about their true form gives us some hints (my first thought goes to sirens but that might not necessarily be accurate)

Those were the ones that were leaked, I won’t spoil what they actually are but I will say that my first thought when seeing the blurred image was also sirens.

vetex said like 15 minutes ago that ‘‘sirens’’ can still be affected by love pots so i’m guessing they’re like sirens (mermaids i think) and that once you get near them they show you their true form and attack you :exploding_head:

I guess loot is not the only thig I’m bringing back from the dark seas…

its merfolk trust

If vastus were still alive single one would destroy bronze sea

Pure vastus yes, but 1/6 or 1/5 wouldn’t do much

You sure?

Cursebeard is a supercurse user
Kraken is insane and probably mastered shadow magic (possibly having all his minds shadow)
Verdies just did a mental breakdown and was already powerful
Who tf is Ulysses, I don’t remember

Also where does that screenshot comes from ?

Idk I searched some old vastus topics. But I anyway think ⅙ vqstus could destroy bronze sea

I don’t think it could destroy the bronze sea since there’s very powerful people there but it can put it in danger

Minotaur is also part Vastus and he’d be struggling against Argos

Minotaur is just tall.