About fps unlockers

So recently Vetex said that fps unlockers would be allowed due to fact that he fixed the bug causing increased cast times for people under 60 fps. In the trello however it says the bug is fixed in version 1.1.14 . Has the the fix been implemented in to the current verison (1.1.4) yet? If not can we still use unlockers, or do we have to wait to the next update drops?

whats an fps unlocker?

It unlocks the fps set by the game. So for example, roblox locked the fps to 60 only but with an fps unlocker, it will finally go above 60.

ah cool, thanks a lot

Anytime nya~ (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑


it hasnt been added to the game yet, we’re still in 1.1.4e which was for disabling trades :frcryin:

So do we have to wait for next update to use fps unlocker? :hungry:


Its probs in testing along with all the other features so you know everyone goes into general complain more about the game along with in here .

So are FPS unlockers allowed? I just want to confirm before I go any deeper into this.

Always has been bud ~((Φ◇Φ)‡

I mean FPS Unlockers never were banned but roblox isn’t responsible if you downloaded an FPS Unlocker that contains malware. Roblox also said that FPS Unlockers are allowed.


Thanks for the info

just to say idk if you know or not just saying it just in case you dont
fps unlockers starting next update ( i think) will be allowed to be used
before it was just idk bannable? kickable idk i forgot

I mean that’s literally why this topic exists but ok.

Fps unlockers have never been allowed on WoM, and won’t be until the next update drops.

Okay now I know thanks yall!

Oh, well I assumed he asked if FPS Unlockers are allowed in roblox and not just in WoM since he didn’t add “in WoM”. But yeah fps unlockers aren’t supposed to be allowed in WoM due to advantages it gives until the storyline update which should be fixed.