About Potions

I can’t wait for potions man


Me too dude

now that we know how talos stealth is like i don’t think you can cheese it with invisibility sadly

What if?

If it actually worked that’d be beyond lit and would be great for speedrunning the whole area

Vet can just add 2 lines (no programmer)

If (potion_effect_invisible){
Func FortTalos_Stelath disable}

It actually is that simple, even tho it’s reversed probably
if not invisibility potion then
Killplayer(“found by guards”)

Vetex will become yandered dev with those potions and if-else

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Hell yeah even less fps

Iris fans gonna be mad that love potions wont work on Iris :pensive:

Me who maxed out aclhemy and made tier 5 love potion for it to not work on frostmill Iris:


Would they even work on players?
Like… …how?!?!??

Would it just make you be unable to take damage from them or??

im pretty sure thats exactly what love potions do, lemme recheck

wouldnt work on bosses for all you unholy iris whores :sob:

vetex might even have to rename it to idk “friendship potion” if roblox decides to censor it tho :skull:

for a rough list of potions and how theyre brewed, heres a rlly old public patreon post from november describing it, again its old so things’ll be different

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this sounds like a terrible idea, every single coward on the leaderboard is about to be carrying tons of these


on the bright side they cant attack u either

Yes but you literally approach these people with the objective of killing them so it’s annoying

good point, but u could also like avoid getting hit by it :sob:

imo it could take some aim to land a potion on someone while running away, while the other person is running to u, with the dashing system and whatnot

pov: your bounty target is at 2 hp but they hit you once and now you have to leave

maybe u cant use it in combat? :man_shrugging:
gonna get split i can sense it

what do you know