About the recent forum breakage

I hold off on updating the forum very often since it can bring in forum-breaking bugs. I updated the forum recently and thats why polls, game discussion, art, etc were all down. This happened due to a deprecated topic-list-view feature that I use to for example show likes/bookmarks on posts aswell as show art as big thumbnails.

One thing that is very important if your still having bugs is to update your chrome, as chromium versions < 96 will not work.

Known Issue: Layout corrupts after 3 pages of scrolling when Chromium version < 96 (Chromium, Chrome, Edge). At the time of updating this text, the current Production versions of these browsers is 97. Please urge your users to update their browser. Discourse officially only supports the latest browsers of each brand, in any case.

Also the #art channel I believe does not post in the discord server for now, I will fix this as soon as I can, so in the mean time if your planning on making a post you want the discord to see aswell, hold off on that.


At last we can see thumbnails now

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It removed the reply duplication bug so its a win.

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Ah, that explains alot.
Thank you for your work in maintaining this wonderfully cursed site.

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hi gang im cool


i want a pink name >:(

(It’s a joke omg)

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