About the riddles

Ok, I have an idea, and maybe a solution (probably not)

Ok for the first riddle:

The things I thought of for this one were a lot less thought out. I tried to solve one and see where that would lead the other one. Though I did come up with two solutions for this one.

The first line, I believe, talks about the magical power the AO player is born with. Magic in the war seas was a rare thing because of the fighting that happened. Golden Ichor in Greek Mythology can mean many things, usually signifying a God’s blood, but there is another way it is used. This is when a God’s power is inside of another being, Demi Humans would glow a golden aura. This means that the AO player would have this power. The AO player is confirmed to have magic, magic that comes from a God’s power. That would mean that this “Golden Ichor” is actually the players born magical abilities.

The second line talks about the furnace that still burns. Now I think that this furnace is the war in the War Seas. Now imagine that someone is trying to stop a massive war. What’s the fastest way to do it? To make everyone fight something else. I’m not saying that the AO player will be evil but I believe that the AO player will be trying to create peace. Just the the PK. The inheriting its will is very simple if the former was correct. To stop the war you will have to shed blood, but don’t let that make you evil.

The third line talks about time piercing all. Now we know it is not Kronos due to the fact it said sword. Kronos always used a scythe as his primary weapon. I believe that this line tells us that this will take time. Time affects us all with old age so we should be wary for eventually old age will start to affect the player.

The final line talks about the consequences of our actions. Think about it. The final line is a warning. Probably for some tragedy that will befall the player or a coming war due to his actions.

Now I did say I had two answers to this. The second answer come be that this entire passage is about Sea curses. Golden Ichor’s glow would affect these. They are very few so they had to make them last The Sea Curses can make you mad meaning if you take one you might have to take it’s will. The sword of time pierces all. Even if you had a Sea Curse your mind would be too old eventually causing you to think slower or go mad. Those who use these will also have to face many consequences. Very straight forward.

Now time for the second riddle. This riddle was the one I had spend most time solving. The answers I had gotten in the other one were because of my thoughts for this riddle.

Let’s start on the left. Most people know a lot about it. The Dove is the PK, the calm ocean is the peace he had worked for and is still working for. We have it pretty solved out. I think there are a few more things about this side though.

Let’s start with the dove itself. It is a mostly regular dove, but why add the olive branch? Well olive branches can mean many things. The most important things it means is peace, wisdom, friendship, strength, and healing. Let us go down this list.

Peace? The Peace Keeper’s dream
Wisdom? The Peace Keeper’s decision to stop Duraz and make the continent.
Friendship? The Peace Keeper has many allies and many people would help him.
Strength? The Peace Keeper is incredibly strong.
Healing? The Peace Keeper is trying to heal the world from its scars of Sea Curses are Duraz.

The Olive branch represents another thing though. I believe that it represents the Peace Keeper’s strength and The Peace Keeper himself. The dove is a person. Now the dove with the Olive branch is the Peace Keeper. I think this because the Peace Keeper was an ordinary person until he was reborn. If any person went through that they would’ve been able to reach the same power as the PK. So the Olive branch represents his experiences.

So that’s the left side completely covered. Now the right side. We can assume that this side is completely about AO as the left was about AA. The border between them just means a physical gap in space. As they are on opposite sides of the world.

So we will start with the Eagle. The identity of the Eagle is something that many people try to figure out and probably have. I think the Eagle is the AO player. This would make the most sense as the dove represents the AA player, but why an Eagle? Well there are a few options here.

  1. It’s an eagle because he is a demigod
  2. It’s an eagle because he has magic
  3. It’s an eagle because he is something out of the norm

These are the only options that I can think of.
We know one is not correct due to Tech saying he is not.
We know don’t know if two is correct or not but it probably isn’t because an eagle isn’t that ordinary
I believe three is correct. We know for certain that the story starts like AA’s story. I believe that something happened to the AO player that caused his magic to be able to grow in such power. We know that the AO player will become more powerful than the PK said by Tech.

So now we take on the background. I believe that the lightning is the chaos and war. The lightning is all of the War in the War Seas, I also believe that the Eagle is trying to “tame” the lightning. The Eagle is trying to be like the PK and bring peace to the War Seas but he cannot tie up every loose end. The storm clouds themselves are probably The Order causing all of the war.

Tech said that the riddle would tell us the AO story and I think that this answer meets that, he also said it was a more simple riddle and we would slap our heads if we didn’t answer it before AO cause it was so simple.

I would like it if you would all try to disprove these theories and tell me why. After a while I’ll probably try again with what you told me.

Credit to @64arc for helping at the start.


arthur my man you forgot to credit me


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death mountain
ocarina of time’s master sword
wind waker

no need to thank me, i saved the timeline


wheres AA though?

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I like how golden ichor can be used to describe a half-god. However, I don’t think this immediately means that its pointing towards the ao mc. There is literally no evidence pointing towards the ao main character being a half-god.

I think I talked about this in a previous theory already but I actually think that the golden ichor literally means the gods bloodline. The bloodline is of long past. And the greek gods are going extinct, so they are trying to make it last. And seeing ur theory also kinda sparked me a little bit so I might actually finish this theory of mine sometime soon :eyes:

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I like this sentence a little bit but the rest of the paragraph is kinda weird. I’m not really seeing the connection between the riddle and your reasoning.
What you need to do is draw 2 different dots and connecting them with a line (the reasoning). What seems to me what ur doing is drawing 2 dots and instead of connecting them with a line, you draw another dot! Thats just not how theories work.

Where was this confirmed then? (This is another example of drawing a dot but not connecting it with a line)

ill continue with my criticism another time

Well uh

I think he was asking for confirmation on the second part of how the AO player’s magic came from a God’s power. Unless that was a roundabout way of saying all magic came from Prometheus’ gift, I don’t recall anything of the sort being confirmed


All curses, human magic, and that stuff all originally came from Prometheus himself. So technically it would leave a gods power in humans with magic.

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