About the strong enchant

So, i just checked the trello and looks like the strong enchanted weapons are un enchanted so how that will change the item values?, is the strong SS still the top tier item? (in terms of value)

if im wrong eh
my bad

Strong stat will now become overall power (Magic, Strength & Weapons) instead of being split, which is more than welcome. This would just mark an increase in value of Power items and a drop of Strong items. However, those Strong items will automatically become clean (no enchant), so I would guess it’ll just be a drop of value. You can ask someone with better experience in trading than me though.

probably weapons will receive a drop in value, and certain armors will see an rise in value, since they’ll be clean enchants in ao i guess

unless this has nothing to do with weapons then they should be fine

Strong will remain for weapons.

Yes, and consequently the new Strong enchantment will gain overall more value. Take in mind Powerful pieces will be converted into Strong from what I’ve seen.

It’s likely only for armor, so yeah.

just for armor, weapons are unaffected

(I still dont understand why armor wasn’t changed but whatever, its not like anyone seriously uses the strong enchant on armor)

So Powerful will get more value after becoming Strong? It could work for a few things seeing how it’s now overall more damage for everything.

it seems like it, it’s the only enchantment that boosts damage and it works for all builds

With this comes a question: Strength amulets will now become Powerful amulets overall? If so, they’ll be a great source of damage. I might need to ask that.

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