About the whole Roselight drama

Some dude set a bounty on Joey, then says the bounty is because he has something against our guild. Apparently Joey “betrayed” Midnight Oath by leaving them for us and he got salty over it, so now he’s trying to apparently destroy our rep for it.


He refuses to release any information yet he makes bogus claims like saying Joey betrayed numerous other guilds.


gosh i cant belive this is happening to our guild im so fucking furisou i just knocked my plastic cup on the floor out of anger. FUCK

I’m genuinely confused why this dude would have a grudge against us for literally one dude leaving his guild to join another one

and I mean…

yeah totally, leaving a guild to join a different guild is betrayal and should be punished!!!

wat is dis. who is dis. hi :wave:

tldr joey left midnight oath to join roselight guardians and midnight oath dudes are salty about it

It’s quite amusing how the most elaborate plans to try to turn alliances against eachother always fail.

of course they would
nobody is as much of a massive fucking prick as a guild high rank
I speak from experience

bassicaly people of guilds fighiting over stupid reasons

We found out it was a prank bro, haha funni