Absolutely bizarre idea that I had for crash skills

Crash size right now is pretty useless in terms of functionality, but I have an idea that might make it somewhat more incentivizing to alter.

The smaller your crash size is… the longer distance it travels before stopping.

essentially, when passing the cone check, and you are flying with the crash skill, someone with 20% size would travel much farther compared to someone with 100% size.

I dunno I feel like this could be a helpful buff for zerkers since it would combo with bull/snake shapes well but warlocks and other strength users would appreciate it

your thoughts on this?


Weight loss build I see, approved.

it’s still fair too since you’d be sacrificing your hitbox for more distance

Would you guys also consider that lowering the size for your shockwave skills also makes them come out faster?

wow so genius

me have very smart

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Gives potential to a sumo style :smirk:

first off
great idea

second off