Absolutely insane or perfectly sane?

I plan to actually torture force myself to learn biochemistry just so I can make a part of my story scientifically accurate (life magic’s chemical conversion).

1 = absolutely insane, 10 = perfectly sane
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Do you expect much of your audience to be well-versed in biochemistry?

If the story is good enough, people will overlook scientific inaccuracies unless it’s a cornerstone plot point of the story


i fw leaving all plotholes and ambiguities for the audience to tear apart or god forbid write wattpad fanfics for

The story:

Well that is sodium carbon, but when you mix it with carbon chloride, you get a chemical reaction that explodes

Breaking Odyssey.


“Enizor, we need to cook.”

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btw i’ll use the knowledge for a magical drug lord and for him to teach one of the heroes with the same elemental magic

do you mean something like if a scientific inaccuracy was corrected, it would affect if a main character lives or dies?