[ABYSS SEA] Behind the Fourth Wall

before we'd begin, I would like to mention that this is my take on a 'what if' scenario, more specifically one about players, not oc's, witnessing the Abyss Sea invasion.

I step into the apartement, closing the door behind me.

“Mhm, I just came home. Give me twenty minutes, then we can do the Dark Sea run.”

I take off my shoes and put on some flip flops.

“…Yes I know, biking takes a lot of time, quit whining or I’m not letting you drive the Brig to the Epicenter.”

I was talking to my friend on the phone. Whom promised to take me to the Epicenter this afternoon.

“Alright, see you in twenty.”

I end the call and put the phone in my pockets, while doing so I notice a certain grey feline walking towards me.

“Ash!” I gently scratch her head as she leans in to my touch. “I get it, I get it. I’m going to refill your food, 'kay?”

She looked at me with her yellow eyes, before responding with a simple ‘meow’ and then running away.

I wash my hands and dry them off before refilling Ash’s food bowl.

I walk to the computer and power it on, before going to the kitchen and grabbing a glass of water.
Walking back to the computer with glass of water in hand, I put the water down on the table and log onto the computer.

I double tap on Google Chrome and click on the Roblox bookmark to boot it up while putting on my headset.

I’m on a pirate ship, killing the pirates for Nimbus Sealed Chests.
Why? I need loot.

I died a few times, but thats what a Brig is for, infinite respawns.

Before I could kill the captain and take the loot though, the ship despawned along with the loot and NPC’s.
Oh hey, the captain is named Martin, that’s funny.

I took a screenshot of him and sent it to my friend.

“Look, I found Martin in the Nimbus Sea.” I jokingly added as caption.
Aside that, I thought nothing of it.

I was busy solving a rare treasure chart when the Agora updated.
I always check the Agora, not because theres any interesting news in there, but because I always look out for the small tips inside.

Huh, whats that?

I squint my eyes to look at the news headline.


Delta symbolled flag? That’s that of an Atlantean ship, and in the Nimbus Sea, too?

Since when did Arcane Odyssey’s news system get so dynamic? Or is this some event that I haven’t heard about?

Then surely I must have missed it, right?

I hop on a call with my friend.

“Sup Wissam.” I greeted him.

“Hi, are you in the game?” He responded.

“Yup, come quickly, or I’m leaving without you.”

“Wait for me! You can’t just go to the Epicenter without me! I’ve been to the Epicenter before, let me be your tour guide!”

“Alright, alright. I get it.”

“M’kay, I’m booting up Roblox.”

Huh, those are a lot of Global Messages. I sure wonder what those are about.

“Alright, hop on my Brig.”

“Your ship got 100 Stability, right?”


Another Agora article got published.
I open up my inbox to read it.


“Dude, open up the Agora.”

“The Agora is useless, why would I open-” I cut him off mid sentence. “Just do it.”

From the other end of the call, I can hear some mouse clicks and then a shocked gasp.


“The Atlantean Invasion…” He murmered. “We have to go check it out!”

“What are you talking about?!” I said in a confused tone.

“You’ve never heard of the Abyss Sea AU??”

“No? What’s that??? Is Vetex pulling a prank or something?! April first was over two months ago!”

He takes control of my ship and speeds off to the north. “Equip Canon Fist.”

“Not before you tell me what is going on.”

“Simply put… The Epicenter exploration has to come another time.”

“You said the same thing with attempting Bronze Sea Abolitionist!”

He ignored my sentence and went on, “We are going to defend the Nimbus Sea.” he continued. “Now you can really show others just how overpowered Canon Fist is according to you.”

At that moment, a message appeared on the chat.

The Atlantean Invasion has begun.

Everyone got inflicted with Insanity V for a single tick of damage before becoming I as the inbox started flooding with Global Messages about confused players.

this is mainly meant as a joke, which is also why i added the 'not very serious' tag to it

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so is this like a hacker trolling the server or did vetex add a new special event

since this story is based in real life and all of this is happening in the game version of the AU

I never specified that
Good luck figuring it out

This might actually be interesting. How will game knowledge and constant communication from any range affect how people act.

The thing is, I highly doubt mirage is going to count this as ‘canon’
I mean, it just wouldn’t make sense for it to be canon

LATE but this reminds me of how an Abyss Sea gamemode would work in AO

I was thinking you can land in any existing War Sea with ur stuff (or nothing to make things more painful), and will be able to sail around the islands and looting them for gear as a timer countsdown before the invasion begins

then its just your typical horde survival (except on water) and you get Dark Sea + gamemode exclusive stuff from killing Atlanteans

Once an in game day is over (probably shortened), you can either leave with the stuff you have back to the main game or continue onto the next day, where rewards get progressively better, enemies get stronger, and maybe even a few bosses pop up

and if you die you lose a percent of what you gained :PPP

anyways thats probably dumb since i dont know shit abt game design weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

oh sh-

Hey don’t edit my quotes
I know what you did

Vetex should add this as an april fools event, it would be pretty funny I think.

Oh I thought I was the only one who knew how to do that