[ABYSS SEA] boyle's odyssey

to whoever it may concern, this journal shall be the first of many journals I write in as I navigate what remains of the warseas. seeing that I need something to pass the time with as I sail around looking for supplies, perhaps some lucky few shall find my journals in a better future, where these wretched atlanteans don’t plague our home and it’s safe to drink water without needing to purify it first.

-Hendrick Boyle, the nemesis of the “forums” guild, and a survivor of the atlantean insurgence.

day 1

today was an overcast day, the seas were quiet as I happened to find myself near goso jungle. upon entering the island it seemed relatively quaint and peaceful, besides the occasional lost sailor or two. I happened to find an abandoned farm with lots of watermelons growing in it, I’ll thankfully have some extra supplies for the week. I also found a small thatched hut that housed some old boxing gloves. nobody was home however.

day 6

I happened to sail to frostmill after a few days of staying near goso and eating the watermelons growing there. frostmill was, not at all what I remembered it being. the town was completely abandoned. I did have a nasty run in with what was quite a strong atlantean beast, but thankfully I was stronger, ha!

day 8

Frostmill’s many abandoned homes boasted a plethora of gear and supplies for me to take, I even found a very nice looking dagger in someone’s bedside table. it was purple and I think it was made with some kind of animal tooth, I’ll take it with me seeing as it could be useful. I also found what remained of the frostmill mines. the entrance has seemingly caved in however, though that’s probably for the better. upon closer inspection I can hear a strange deep gurgling sound from behind the snow…

day 17

I haven’t really written in this journal for a week, been too busy with maintaining my worn out weapons. I plan to leave frostmill within the next month. supplies have began to run scarce, and it’s quite cold on this iceberg, unsurprisingly. I did find some partially intact igloos on top of the iceberg however, inside contained a pretty nasty surprise of what looked like atlanteans made out of solid ice. I presume their mutations caused them to become one with the cold environment around them.

day 20

Returned to redwake’s base because my boat ran into a pretty foul rock underwater. thankfully the chefs resistance had a pretty decent shipwright team working there. I decided to try out the bizarre cuisines they were creating using the limbs and bits of super mutated atlanteans. I found it quite concering at first, since, if I recall, atlanteans were at some point humans too. I was reassured however that the meat I’m eating has mutated far beyond the point of it being considered human anymore, so I wasn’t a cannibal for eating some of it. It was honestly decent, though I much rather prefer fresh fish I catch myself, or maybe tentacles are just too rubbery for me.

day 25

leaving redwake today, with all the supplies I’ve gotten, I think I’ll make a trip to palo town and see if anything awaits me there.

day 26

WHAT HAPPENED TO PALO TOWN?! the entire place has been completely destroyed! sailing around the island, there’s literally nothing left of the place. I decided to explore the massive expanse of rubble that laid before me, trying to understand what on earth happened here. upon some exploration I picked up on a wretched smell. I found what was making such a stench and realized it was a massive, flattened, rotting corpse of what looked to be an atlantean. whatever happened to this monstrous being, it did not have a good time.

day 27

I used the poison tooth dagger I found on frostmill a while back to carve my initials into a stone wall near what remains of palo town, this journal has seemingly ran out of pages, and it seems that today be the final day I use this book. whenever I get myself a new one, I’ll continue writing about my adventures. until then, whoever is reading this besides me, I ask you to stay safe in these wretched seas.


See? It ain’t wrong to eat Atlanteans, just don’t eat lost sailors

i don’t wanna read this can you beam all the knowledge into my brain please

boyle (forums rival) is still alive and well in the atlantean apocalypse AU and has written a journal detailing all of his adventures so far

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Finally, someone who understands me

It’s like NPC’s perspective
but with Boyle
and the apocalypse

boyle :saluting_face: