[ABYSS SEA] Reclaiming Palo Town, The Last Attempt

A blue samurai stood side by side with the white mage. They were facing down an atlantean who had managed to climb up Stepstones, the first one who managed to do so. They were called by the sentry that was stationed at the entrance, having already weakened the atlantean severely. A beam of snow sends the atlantean tumbling down the cliff.

“That was pretty simple.” Arish Vista lowers his hand.

“The first ever atlantean that has climbed up here…” Robinson Yamashi scratched his chin.

“It will be the last.” Arish pats his back.

“Ah right, heard you’re going to Palo Town next?”


“Why? Everyone here admires you… and you just want to leave?”


“None of your business.”

“I won’t tell anyone, trust me.”

Robinson pushes Arish away. He walked back to town without looking at his face, knowing he wouldn’t know the situation he was in. Arish secretly followed him.

A skyship?

The blue samurai steps on a skyship and sails off the clouds. Arish also hops on a skyship and drives cautiously, avoiding Robinson’s line of sight.

As he drove above the clouds tainted in purple, he looked at the sun that was hung on the blue landscape. He never got to appreciate the beauty of the calming sea of clouds ever since the invasion happened.

The Myriad?

The blue samurai docks his ship by the library. Arish too docks by the large tree. He enters the library, immediately greeted by the voice of the growth curse user, Randal.

“Where’s Robinson?” He asks.

Behind the library. A voice appeared in his head.

Arish walked out the library, walking towards the back of the great tree. While trying to navigate over the roots and branches of the tree, he hears the sound of someone unsheathing the katana.

The assailant didn’t give him a chance to react, as the katana was already inches away from his head.

“Don’t move.”

Sigh, It’s you…” Robinson sheathes back his weapon.

“I didn’t ask for any visitors, leave.”

Arish saw through his ruse. He pushes Robinson aside, wanting to know what he was doing the entire time.

“This is…” His eyes widened.

Five gravestones, each with something on top of them. A blue scarf, a white sweater, a rusty sword, a musket and a saint lily’s flower was the only things distinguishing them from one another.

Robinson grabs Arish by the neck, his other hand was his katana. Arish struggled to breathe while the blade was inching closer and closer. A root sprouts from the ground and deflects the blade onto the trunk of the tree.

“…This isn’t going to solve any problems.” Robinson loosened his grip on Arish.

Arish breathes in oxygen while Robinson unwedges the katana from the tree. He points his katana at the snow mage, his eyes lifeless yet yearning for the bloodlust to take over.

“Here’s the answer to that question you gave me.”

“It was a promise, a goal. I tried to persuade them not to, but it claimed their lives. If I was there, I could have changed their fates. Their lives were too early to end at a grave.”


“Do you understand?” Robinson moved his sword closer to the snow mage.

“Promise me you’ll come back alive.”

The samurai pauses his movements. He lowers his sword, spitting at the ground in frustration. He turns to his back.

“I don’t make false promises.”

A gust of wind blows away the afterimage he had left. The snow mage laid back on the ground, freed from the samurai’s gaze filled with killing intent. He wants to stop him, but he knows it’s already too late once he sets his mind to it.

A man hums a song as he stands by the edge of Stepstones. A slip of his feet and he will fall straight down the cliff. The slightest shake of the ground or the change in the wind’s direction would blow this man’s straw hat off his head, but it didn’t.

“Ready to dive into the heart of the storm, Velez?”

“Why was I dragged into this…” A man in an eye patch facepalmed.

“Be glad I didn’t kill you right here, right now.”

“Yeah, yeah whatever.”

Velez Ivanov, Johnny Grey’s former rival, a poison and lightning mage. Not as notorious as some of the true chaos bringers in the war seas, but notorious enough to be known as the only person who managed to escape multiple execution attempts, by himself. Robinson picked him especially because of his many criminal records.

“You make it sound like I’ve done some horrible stuff.”

“Talk to the masses.”

Robinson suddenly appears behind Velez. He kicks the mage off the cliff, before jumping off himself.

Velez cushions his fall with a sip of ironskin. The atlanteans in the area were immediately alerted by his presence. They start charging towards the mage.


The mage disappeared right as the atlanteans started swarming. The only thing left in place of the mage was glass shards belonging to a potion that was recently shattered. Countless atlanteans aimlessly swarm towards the bait, unaware of the two who were leaping right above them.

Hopping through the endless ships that were parked just by the foot of Stepstones was like traversing through a twisted version of a flower field. Torn purple flags with odd shapes still fly through the wind, the bodies of countless atlanteans that have either been killed by past explorers or mutated beyond human recognition, the occasional one or two sirens that flew above, the wood creaking with every hop and leap, it complimented each other to create a memory that could chill even the most bravest souls.

A katana goes through the heart of an unexpecting atlantean captain. The atlanteans that manned the cannons fell one by one. The only ones left standing were the two that had boarded the ship.

“We’re getting close to shore, get ready to be bombarded.” Robinson shouted.

“What do you mean by that?”

“You’ll see right about…”

A cannonball appears out of nowhere and breaks the pillar on the ship.


A few more cannonballs strike the hull. Even more were aimed aboard the ship, completely destroying the cannons that are on the ship. Robinson and Velez both jump off the ship before any of the cannonballs struck them.

The two manage to swim to shore without any sharks biting them. The mage creates a cutlass out of lightning while the warrior unsheathes his blade. The mage throws his cutlass into the nearest tree.

The head of an atlantean falls from the tree, followed by the large thud of its actual body. The tree would be set ablaze once the cutlass had exploded into a cloud of yellow lightning, the pistol shrimp atlantean falling off as well.

“You killed it?” Robinson asks.

“Just paralyzed for a long time, enough for us to explore the area.”

“You go into town first, I have a score to settle.”

“Sure, just don’t come crying for help when you’re down.” Velez dashes away.

Robinson approaches the atlantean’s severed head. He sees a green flower made out of jewels growing out of its head. He plucks it up, and the green flower awakens.

“Come to me…”

Atlanteans start ambushing the samurai as the flower glows brighter. He breaks the toothpick he had been chewing since the beginning as he placed the flower in his pocket. One of the atlanteans slash the samurai.


He grabs the atlantean’s arm and twists it. His blade goes through the atlantean’s head like butter. Another atlantean tries to slash the samurai but its attack was blocked by the already dead atlantean. He pulled out his sword from the atlantean and spun once, slicing open their stomachs, their guts pouring out like a barrel of water that had been broken open.

The corpses surrounded the samurai. Their stench was even worse than a shark that had gone rotten for months. You could almost see the stench emanating from it.

“Come on…”

The atlantean he was waiting for finally poked its head out. It’s eyes sparkled like onyx, it’s body radiating a soothing green. It was clawing at the tree it was hiding behind, it hadn’t gone unnoticed by Robinson.

A roar signalled the beginning of the fight. The samurai left afterimages with each dash while the atlantean tried to blast him with emeralds. Once he was close enough, he thrusted his katana towards the head of the atlantean. It responds with a parry, completely catching him off guard as it follows up with a kick to the chest, sending him a couple of feet back.

The samurai was quick to get on his feet. He got up just in time to block the emerald blasts that were aimed towards him. He redirects each blast away rather than blocking it directly to prevent himself from wasting too much energy. Once he saw a window in the stream of attacks, he slashed the air with his sword.

“Flying Slash!”

The projectiles that were shot were sliced into several pieces. The atlantean manages to block the attack with a wall of crystal. As the crystal wall dematerializes, Robinson sheathes his katana.

"Once the sword is drawn… "

The crystal wall rose again for a split second. After some silence, the wall collapses. The samurai was nowhere to be seen. The crystal atlantean turns behind itself, the samurai standing there with his blade pointing to the sky.

" …the strike has already been delivered."

A large cut suddenly appeared on the atlantean’s chest, completely destroying a part of the armour it had worn. The wound was being sewn back together, but the samurai wouldn’t let that happen. He stabs his sword into where the atlantean’s heart is presumably, and drives its entire body onto the ground. He pulls out the sword and jumps away.

“This thing better be dead…”


Velez is hiding in a house while a pair of atlanteans holding pikes stood in front of the door. He is staying as silent as possible, but who can blame him, he almost got eaten and shot at by some beached dolphin.

I gotta get out of here… how is there no boats by the docks… my luck must be horrible…

He looks outside the window again.


He blinks his eyes, the ships were set ablaze by purple flames. He wants to scream but remembers he will die much sooner if he had done it.

Deep breathes…

Breathe in…

Breathe ou-


He looks behind him, there’s nothing there other than the shadow that covers the house.

Breathe in…



The mage created a cutlass of lightning and swung at whatever was behind him. He felt his cutlass had impacted something. The cutlass releases a jolt of electricity at the object. He turns around to see what he had zapped.


He had zapped nothing. You could say he was shocked at the result.

Probably paranoia…

He looks back outside. Instead of ships set ablaze with purple flames, there was nothing. He blinked his eyes time and time again, only to be greeted by the empty dock and the sounds of demonic laughter.


The first time he didn’t turn around to check, was the last time he ever did check.

The atlantean in the cave wakes up. Its spine starts bending inwards, resembling a ribcage of sorts. It starts shaking violently, to lengths no human spine could achieve. As it tried to do so, arms of crystal started to form on the atlantean’s ribcage. These arms would dig into the ceiling of the cave, trying to pull itself out of the ground.

It succeeded. Crystal legs begin to form at the bottom of the spine. Once the legs had fully formed, the atlantean looked at its own arms. It let out a deep laugh that shook even the soul. It breaks the emerald wall that once sealed the cave with a kick, still laughing.

“What in the war seas…”

The crystals that once covered the atlantean were gone. The only thing left was a rotting head with its nerves dried out on the sand. This didn’t scare the samurai, it was what he heard that scared him.


Red lightning struck beside Robinson. It was so fast not even he could react to it. The sand was turned into a glass pane.

That was a first…

He pulls out the crystal flower in his pocket. All that was inside the pocket was a tiny bone fragment and the charm his captain had given to him.

It’s… gone?

*Something’s not right…"

Indeed it wasn’t. A thin figure twice the size as the average man, its legs and arms green in colour walk into the open. Its head resembled a flower that has yet to bloom, its eye nestled in the many flesh petals. Where its organs were supposed to be gone, only the skeleton remains.

It grabs its own head with its thin arms. It starts to forcefully tear open its head. Each tear came with the gruesome sight of blood spewing out. Once it stopped, its head resembled a crimson flower, the center of the flower was an emerald eye, its blood acted as tears for it.

It points it’s crystal finger at the samurai. A magic circle began to form under him. He jumps into the air to avoid the attack…


A tiny spike, barely the size of a fork came out of the circle. Robinson didn’t know if he should laugh, or should he expect something else. The atlantean was still pointing at the area. Robinson dashes out of the area.


A flash of red blinds the samurai. Once his vision was back to normal, he realised what the atlantean did.


The entire beach was turned into glass. The samurai was shocked at the magnitude of the attack, but he couldn’t worry about it for too long. As he landed on the ground, he charged at the atlantean.



The battlefield fell silent. The sword was stopped by two large yet skinny crystal arms. Robinson tried to power through, but it did absolutely nothing. Its crystal eye stared at him as it started to push him back.

The samurai jumps back, preparing another flying slash. His action was immediately cancelled as the atlantean leapt forward and punched him right in the face. The samurai recovers only to be bombarded by a flurry of punches. His blade was the only thing blocking him from being beaten up into a sack of meat.

If this keeps going… I’m going to die.

The swordsman knew the pressure of each punch was getting stronger and stronger. Right after the atlantean misses a punch, the swordsman kicks it away. The atlantean dug its feet into the glass to prevent itself from falling. It outstretched its right hand forwards with its left hand resting on its right arm.


A crackle of red lightning shoots out of its fist. The samurai blocks the beam with his sword. Its fists were still producing lightning even after a decent ten seconds had passed. Before the samurai knew, he was trapped in the scheme the atlantean had conjured up. If he even tilts his sword to a different direction, he is dead meat.

The atlantean took a step forwards while it was still firing the beam. One step became two steps, two steps became four steps, it was stepping closer and closer to the samurai with no signs of its power dropping, it was rising instead. The electricity bouncing off the katana was so intense it started to melt through the glass like a heated butter knife.

It was eight steps away from the samurai. Robinson was getting extremely tired, but his will told him to push forward. One of the bolts of electricity that bounced off the katana burns through his pocket. A small onyx gem fell from it.

The lightning beam stops. The samurai collapses on the ground due to exhaustion. It elongates its crystal arm and grabs the gem from a few meters away. It looks at it…

It shatters the jewel in its palm.

Instead of killing the samurai, it looks into the far distance. A place where magic energy was abundant, a place where people lived. It could have a feast of a lifetime, and no one could stop it.

As it walks into the ocean, it laughs.

Can you tell I like writing fight scenes? Can you really? I doubt it.
Anyways this is where the trilogy end, you already know where this abomination is heading towards…
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its been a joy to follow this series!!!

seriously idk how you manage to visualize such vivid and detail heavy fight scenes, i envy you so much :sob: and you manage to convey them perfectly into writing too!!

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