[ABYSS SEA] The Memoirkeeper's Diary

Day 53

I’ve just arrived at Sameria albeit with some minor difficulties. Those Oneshot pirates attacked our transport ship while we sailed passed Draco’s Arch. No worries though, I and a few others took good care of them. I missed the chance to read their minds though, what a pity, they could have knowledge over what’s happening in the Marauding Sea.

At first I was met with the scorching weather of Sameria, something that was beyond my expectations. As of writing this, beside me is about a crate of that special ice the locals make along with a lavender smoothie just in arms reach. It’s been a lifesaver through this hellish weather.

Besides that, the locals are kind and friendly. They were willing to discount the crate of samerian ice for a visitor like me. They also gave me directions to the nearest tavern.

I also managed to set up shop somewhere in a shady corner of Masada, and it has given me three customers before nightfall. I will write about their situation in my diary.

Bronze Alberic
His name was the most rememberable. It’s ironic since my name has this sea’s name while his has the other. He is travelling merchant that has worked with both the Grand Navy and the Assassin’s Syndicate. He is worried he might be noticed working with either side and be assassinated or publicly executed if found. He has some balls arriving to my stall to read his fortune.

I told him to close his eyes as I touched his head, pulling out a deck of memory cards. His lifeless body just slammed his head on the table. I still need to work out how to utilize my Mental Magic…

A spy working for the opposing party, that was what came into my mind once I go through his cards. It was nothing special, a few blurred cards, a few spades, aces, hearts, no queens kings nor jokers. I slot it back into his head, his lifeless body awakens. I tell him he will one day regret the path he chose, and will suffer a terrible fate. His face turns pale white as he walked away.

Abby Dennis
A local who is a mother of two. She wants to know if her kids will grow up to be shipwrights. I took the deck of memory cards out of her head and surprisingly, there’s a queen. I watch the card play a past memory where she uhhh… had an interesting impactful memory.

I should write this down before I forget about it. Queen cards mean it’s a good impactful memory, king cards mean it’s something traumatizing, and joker cards mean the memory is under divine protection.

After careful observation, I concluded their most likely going to become adventurers rather than shipwrights, since they like going outside and sail around the seas rather than smacking wood planks with a hammer. The woman left gleefully once I told her this.

It’s a bummer I can never truly tell one’s future, I only observe their memories in order to come up with a conclusion. After all, one’s future can never be predicted.

Came to my stall, slammed a bag of galleons on the table and cocked a flintlock at me. He wanted the divination quick and fast. His hair was messy and half his clothes were torn off, his skin looked like it was slashed by some monster. It was gross, but what can you do when there’s a gun being aimed at your skull.

Something was wrong. Every card in his deck was either blurred or covered in ash. You could barely make out their patterns even if you squint your eyes. There were a few queens and kings in that deck, but you couldn’t even see what was in it. I even saw a joker card, he possesses an artifact blessed by the gods yet it was the most tainted out of them all.

I dragged this unusual customer to the streets before throwing the deck of cards into his head from a safe distance.

That was it. That crazed customer left an impression on me, and not the healthy kind. Oh well, it’s not my first day in Sameria, though it is much different than a few years back.

Oh Aphrodite, bless thy with an eternal paradise for every slumber thy takes.

Day 54

I moved my stall to the Merchant’s Caravan in fear of that crazed man. There’s only a few merchants here but they’re nice. That gem selling merchant reminds me of someone… unpleasant. The dyer lady is sweet, she gave my shawl a lavender colour.

Other than that, no customers for today. It’s a shame seeing no one approached my tiny tent, even if they do they think I’m some sort of weird mage who has issues. Guess that’s what I get for being a fortune teller.

Speaking of, tomorrow might be my lucky day. It is said the number 5 is a lucky number in chinese culture. It represents longevity, prosperity, wealth, happiness and luck. Since the next day on my diary should have two fives, I shall be blessed with good luck by Aphrodite herself.

Oh Aphrodite, may thy be blessed with riches and blessings!

Day 55

I decided to write early this morning, since it is my lucky day after all. The day outside seems darker than usual, though that might be because I woke up early. Will update later.
It has been four hours? I can’t tell. It’s pouring out there, I’m probably not going to be able to reach my stall to open for business.

I just heard screams. Now that I realize it, the rain by my windowsill is purple. No, the entire sky is dark purple. I only know one place that has these clouds… why have they invaded the Nimbus Sea? On my lucky day too. I might need to che (the words seem to suddenly cut off)
The guy next door busted down in my room. Good thing I subdued him quickly, he looks deranged. There’s a giant bite mark on his calf, his mouth is foaming and that arm of his has scales. I went to check the other rooms and found a few visitors too, their also wondering what’s going on on the outside.

Now that I think about it… that deranged man looked like the man who wanted their divination as soon as possible. He had that circle shaped pendant, just like that psychopath. It could just be my hallucinations.

We’re heading out to the streets once everyone is prepared. The rich merchant from two days back declined and said he would rather stay in his room. A rabbit trapped in its cage, he isn’t going to last long.
We stopped at a building. The streets are roaming with atlanteans, and only three of us remain. On the way, I saw the corpse of the mother from two days ago, on the ground, hugging her two bleeding children in her arms. The father? Most likely a fish with legs, maybe a peg for a leg too. Their futures seem so bright… yet in a blink of an eye, it’s over for them. I silently mourned for them, as I hope we never encounter them as atlanteans.

Our warrior, a local Samerian is checking through the house we’re taking refuge in as I’m writing this. He says it’s where his grandma lives, his only family left. The last surviving member of this tiny expedition is a Grand Navy member, probably a Commodore. She has that Nah I’d win look with that smug face paired up with those shades. She’s currently fiddling with her shiny blue gauntlets. Her name is Iri Lopez.
Good news, that warrior’s grandma is alive.
Bad news, she’s dead now.
Even worse news, she was killed by her own grandson.
What’s even worse than all of this? She’s now an atlantean hunting us the warrior after taking a sniff of him. Our dear Commodore (Confirmed after having a conversation during our rest) is freaking out, and she plans to abandon him. I have no objections, since he hasn’t done anything useful other than dragging us into this side quest.

He is currently crying in a corner while Mrs Iri is face first on the ground. Me? I’m writing to relief my stress from dealing with these children. I’d probably have no trouble surviving through this nightmare of a world by myself.

“Why don’t we go this way?” Iri says.
“Because it’s going to lead to a dead end.” I said.
"But what if- " and then she trails off into oblivion.
It’s night time. We arrived at the Merchant’s Caravan with no casualties (excluding the five other visitors who sacrificed their lives in the process). I will make them graves and silently mourn for them.

It has been a rough day for everyone. I admit I got a little bit tense back at town, probably from all the stuff that has happened today. Those atlanteans can’t even step foot onto sand, so we’re safe for now. Speaking of, I need to take a nap.

May Aphrodite bless thy, no matter if it’s hellish or not.

There’s a message at the bottom of the page
If you’re reading this, return it to Juniper Nimbus, thanks.


I like this one. The journal entry style makes the event feel more real :+1:

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This is a really cool character and an interesting perspective!

I cant imagine the guilt they must have after instilling so much hope into their clients when reading their futures, only to have an event like this throw a wrench into everything. I wonder if Juniper regrets not being able to see the invasion on the horizon.

Wonderful job!!

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