Accidentally petrified a bag of m&ms

So I got a bag of m&ms as a small reward from my teacher and left them in my pocket as I went home. Washed my pants in the washing machine while the m&ms were still in it, then dried them. Pretty much what this did was shake up the m&ms and burn them to a crisp. When I took a look at the weird chocolate stain in my pants, I pulled out a rock-hard bag of m&ms that reshaped itself into a pebble :skull:


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do you have a picture of it?

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The M

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yea on my phone not here

gem & gems

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you can use the forums on mobile

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Legit hard and shaped like a pebble

itโ€™s the M

my cam flash was on :sob:

News reporter โ€œAs a matter of fact, burning the red carcinogen actually increases its risk by about 4 timesโ€