Acid magic

What would be the best primary/Secondary stat for acid magic? Is it Intensity or Is it Attack size?

whats ur stats

Going for Acid mage build

whats ur 2nd magic

I’m only a level 27 so I needa know what armour and gems I should use before I progress further

you don’t need to plan out your build until max level, you can progress beyond 27 a bit

Alright but in your opinion does intensity fit better for acid

it does not intensity sucks for anything

apart from some things but acid i
s not one of them

what magic you plan to use after awakening (you could always reset ur stats under lvl 80)

Either Ash or glass technically I don’t really care much for second magics really since i usually stick to my first magic in PvP or PvE situations

go full intensity and just disable people’s regeneration for like 40 seconds

Probs might do that

you can reset your stats whenever now, it was changed

i literally plan builds i make for all of my files ahead of time lol, i guess i am one of the few that does that.

i don’t mean that you can’t, just that you don’t have to have everything thought out at level 27

wait including after lvl 80??